Monday, 29 October 2012

Pre-School Play Clothes Fix

Little Lane was on her way to pre-school the other day when her teacher came up to her in the school yard and showed her a brand new princess dress for the school play clothes rack. 

Lane's face lit up when she saw it.  It was a beautiful red with a big flower on it.  So pretty!

There are 7 little girls in Lane's preschool class and one boy - so you can imagine that new princess dresses are much in demand.  Teacher had found one at the local thrift store and knew that it would have a good home.

Only one problem:

It was huge!

Uh oh.  Too long and way too wide.  :(

Good thing teacher knows a mom who can sew!

She sent me home with the dress to give it some major alterations.
The little girls all expressed their love for the bottom of the dress which flows out like a princess dress should.  So I couldn't just hack it off and hem it.

So I removed the skirt and flower and shortened the middle without wrecking the zipper in the back or the lovely gathering on the front, back and sides. 

Then I put darts in - two in the front and 2 in the back to make sure that the shoulders wouldn't slip off during play.

I reattached the flower and then gave the bottom a 2 inch hem.  It still flows out behind the princess, but is much more wearable for the energetic 3 or 4 year old.

Ta da!

I took the picture before I hemmed it, but after taking a billion pictures of Lane in her mermaid costume (you'll see those on Halloween) she didn't want to pose for any more in another satiny creation.

Teacher specified to make it large on Lane since most of the girls in pre-school are already 4 years old and a couple of inches taller than her.  I think it will be a lovely addition to their play clothes collection. :D

It sure feels nice to use my sewing skills to help out at Lane's pre-school. I often forget that not everyone can sew and that my skills are much in demand.

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

so generous of you to share you talents!