Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Iron Craft #20: Edible Crafts

This week's challenge was waaay out of the box for me:

"For this Iron Craft challenge let’s play with our food. We want you to do something we all do everyday, cook, but we want you to use your craft skills to take that dish to the next level. Decorate a cake, sculpt with chocolate, create a creepy skull out of meatloaf, make beautiful rosettes from radishes…" Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough

I'm not really the type who pretties up the food I cook or bake.  I'm just not good with icing and I don't really have the patience to do anything too piddly.  So my project was the perfect compromise - easy and crafty! :D


Do you like food that can look back at you?

Made with white powdered donuts, Lifesavers gummies, M&Ms and strawberry syrup.  Unfortunately, we ended up with the only bag of M&Ms in the world that only had 4 brown ones.  WTF?  So we made 4 real looking eyeballs.

And several alien eyeballs!

And then we gobbled them all up.  I might be persuaded to make another batch closer to Halloween though.

To follow all the edible delectables that the Iron Crafters have come up with, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

I bet the kids loved these!