Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How Tuesday: Upcycled Owl Plush

Apparently the owl craze hasn't reached its end in Winnipeg.  I must have been asked a zillion times at Scattered Seeds if I had anything made with owl fabric.  So I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon just this once and share an owl plush tutorial with you all today.

Everyone meet Dayna:

She is my latest owl invention and she's going to help you learn how to make your very own upcycled owl plush today.

Materials needed:

- Page 1 of the pattern downloadable here
- Page 2 of the pattern downloadable here
- Various knit scraps (or felt if you prefer to make this owl in felt)
  (I recommend using the knits from old baby clothes, blankets, sweaters, whatever you have around your house that isn't being put to good use anymore.)
- fibre fill or more scrap fabric to stuff the owl
- thread
- embroidery floss if you want to sew the pieces on by hand

Time Needed:
If you sew this owl by machine it takes about half an hour.
If you sew this owl by hand it takes slightly longer - about an hour

Skill Needed:
Super easy!

Step one:
Gather up all your knits and your pattern. Cut 2 owl bodies (on fold). Cut two wings, cut one owl belly (on fold), cut one eyes piece and two eyeballs.  Cut one beak.  Experiment with various materials to get the colours and combinations you like.

Step Two:
Sew the belly piece onto one of the body pieces along the top of the belly.  You can either machine zig zag it across, or hand stitch with embroidery floss for a more patchwork look.

Step Three:
Sew wings onto the same body piece as the belly along the inner edge of the wings.  Again either zig zag by machine or hand stitch.

Step Four:
Sew eyes piece and beak onto the middle of the owl face.  Place eyes pieces and beak where desired and either zig zag or hand stitch in place.

Step Five:
Sew eye balls into place.  I experimented a little with the placement of the eyeballs to give the owl a little character.  Try pointing them upwards, or cross eyed.

Step Six:
With right sides together sew the back body piece to the front body pieces, making sure to leave a couple of inches hole at the bottom for turning and stuffing.

Step Seven:
Clip curves, turn the owl right side out and stuff with either fibre fill or scraps of fabric.  Stitch the hole closed.

Easy Peasy isn't it?

And oh so cute!

When you're done, try out another combination of upcycled fabrics.

Or try them in felt!

**** Use can use the pattern in any way you feel like.  That means you can make these owls as a gift, as a chew toy, for yourself, your cousin's best friend twice removed esquire or you can make them to sell. Because honestly, if you are even half decent a sewist, you can easily make this pattern for yourself. It's not rocket science people!  Enjoy! ******


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