Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday Weigh In - New Beginnings

No change from last week.

Oh well... at least I didn't go up in weight with all the excitement around here this past week.

Logan started grade 1!  Because he is a little anxious and sometimes needs a little break during the day, I have him coming home for lunch.  It's turned out to be a great time for him to decompress and get ready for the afternoon.

It also means that I am walking to that school 4 times during the day.  And on Mondays and Fridays I'm dragging Lane along with me to pick up and drop off the boy.  Good exercise!

Here he is on his first day of school.  It was pouring to the point where I messed up the battery on my phone because the water soaked through my pocket and my phone and drenched the poor battery.  Oy!

And then Lane started pre-school this past week. What a different experience these two kids are giving their poor mum in pre-school.  Lane is raring to go.  I dropped her off and she was fine playing and trying to learn the other kids' names and make friends.  I cried all the way home.  But there were no tears from her!

Today I dropped her off for her second day of pre-school and she was so busy playing that she just said, "Bye mommy, you can pick me up at lunch." I was dismissed.  No walk of shame for me while my child is in school crying.  Nope.  Instead I cry. My little girl doesn't need me.  Boo hoo hooo.

At least she makes an effort to be excited when I come pick her up.  But all the way home, she talks about what she will do in pre-school the next day.

There she is on her first day of school.  So cute!  And not a baby! (as she is quick to point out).

I'm not one to be left out with these new beginnings either.  Did I tell you that I'm taking an exercise class on Monday evenings?  In my effort to continue with my weight loss goals I decided that an exercise class might be just the thing.

I started this past Monday and it was awesome!  I felt so good.  And, although I'm a little stiff today, I feel great to be doing something extra to keep with my goal.

How have the new September beginnings been treating you these past couple of weeks?  I hope all is well with you all!

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