Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday Weigh In: Gwen or Billy?

No change in my weight again this week.

But I have another cold.


I've just had my ass kicked by colds this year.

I'm in a "lay around the house" sort of mood this week because of the latest snotty nose and hacking cough situation.

Good thing lots of good music has come out lately.

So, here's my dilemma this week:

Gwen (as in the new No Doubt CD that came out yesterday)?
Or Billy (as in the new Billy Talent CD that came out a couple of weeks ago)?

I love Gwen.  I love her style.  I love her crazy voice.  But, unfortunately, I'm not in love with this latest CD.  :(  Too many slow songs - not enough No Doubt pep. But Settle Down and Push and Shove might make up for the other songs.


Now Billy Talent on the other hand - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!  They didn't stretch themselves too far from their previous work, which is totally fine with me.  Did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new CD?  Yeah... LOVE IT!!

I know that none of you really care about my musical tastes - and isn't this supposed to be a weigh in post?  Oh well.  I don't listen to anything cool or indie or anything else that I see on other blogs that I'm assuming is fantastic, but I'm never gonna listen to cuz I don't fit the demographic of anyone cool or indie or whatever anyway... blah blah blah... I mean, Megadeth is usually my favourite band (not cool at all) but they haven't released anything remotely listenable in a long time... soooooooo....

I won't torture you anymore with all that. Let's just call my Gwen vs. Billy contest a draw and listen to my really favourite song this week (not new or cool at all... well maybe a little cool) instead. :D

**** If you can't be bothered to go to a store to buy CDs or you have a vendetta against iTunes - check out Rdio. I stream both of the CDs I mentioned (and my fave song) all day long from my collection on Rdio.

**** If you want to see the songs I'm really listening to go to my Rdio profile.

**** If you want to see how much cooler Terry is than I am, check out his Rdio profile.

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