Tuesday, 4 September 2012

September Long Weekend 2012

I hope everyone had a terrific long weekend!

We had tons of fun (and some needed, but no so fun) activities.

I played with my hair:

Ooof the blue needs to be touched up already.

I wore pretty dresses!

I started a new project.

We went to the beach .... Twice!

We made a huge mess.

And then cleaned it all up.

Doesn't the kids' playroom look fantastic?  All that awful sorting and putting away of all their scattered toys was worth it!

(And we have some fantastic stuff for Giveaway Weekend next weekend in case you were wondering.)

Tonight it's pre-school orientation for Lane. 

Tomorrow is Grade One interviews with the teacher for Logan. 

Thursday is Logan's first full day of grade one.  My little boy is going to be gone all day!  WAAAAHHHH!!! At least I'll have a little Logan time at lunch. :)

Next Tuesday is Laney's first day of pre-school.  Double WAAAHHHHHH! My babies are go grown up.


The autumn busy season begins!

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