Saturday, 29 September 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #38

I'm about to put my foot down and insist that Terry buy a pony for our little girl.

I can't take it anymore.

Lane is in full "I want a pony" mode.

She is convinced through her own delusion that her daddy will buy her a pony.

That he will walk in the door after work with a pony.

"We need to make pajamas for my pony mommy.  So pony doesn't get cold at night," Lane insists.

"My pony will live outside and then when it's winter, we'll hide the pony until it's not cold outside anymore.  Then we'll find the pony."

"Link has a pony on Zelda.  See mommy? People have ponies!"

"Daddy will go to the pony store and pick out a pink pony for me."

And so on and so on....

This girl has it all planned out.

When confronted with the problem that we don't have enough money to buy a pony, Lane says this, "Go to the bank and they will give you money for a pony."

What about: Where will the pony go potty?  Our house isn't equipped for Pony Potty.

Lane says: "We'll have to get a really big potty!"

And what if daddy doesn't buy you a pony?

Lane: "That's OK, he can buy me a helicopter instead."


So Terry - get a second job at the Sev down the street.  You wouldn't want your little girl to stop loving you now would you?


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Jen said...

LOL awesome. If you want, you can tell her that I had a pony when I was a kid, and it really wasn't that great. Or you can come with us when we go to the corn maze next week and she can ride a pony there with Claire!

Cyndy Bush said...

Ummm don't they make those life-size stuffed ponies that neigh & stuff? They probably even come in pink....WAY easier to care for than the real deal! lol
Visiting from Secret Confessions!

Kimberly said...

My kid has been dying for one of those hot wheel escalades. Maybe we should just buy the real mom can drive it until he's of age.