Thursday, 13 September 2012

Project Project Runway #8: Starving Artist

This week's challenge:
"On the show the designers had to use craft supplies to decorate t-shirts to sell on the street. The money they got from their sales was the only budget they had for fabric to create fall looks including outerwear. We are not going to send you out to sell things for your fabric budget. Really how much do we really spend on fabric for these designs anyway? Your challenge is to create a look for fall. We would like you to challenge yourself and include outerwear in your look. Time to start practicing sleeves designers!" (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Sleeves?  You mean I've been doing sleeves this whole time and I didn't have to?!! hehehe

Fall fashion just happens to be my favourite!  But I think living in Winnipeg gives me a bit of a different idea of "fall look" than the designers on the show.  You could never get away with a sleeveless coat here in Winnipeg in the fall.  What the heck was that? And the judges loved it.  Really? A long vest? I'll never figure those judges out.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

Do you know how difficult it is to sew skinny pants for a pint sized doll? I must have broken them 3 times at least pulling them onto Amber.  It's a good thing I designed the top and the coat to be longer, because the top of those pants are a mess.

With the said, I did concentrate on finishing this week.  I tend to overlook (or not care about) the finishing details of an outfit.  You must have noticed that I really don't hem much and leave most of my edges raw.  This week, I worked on some of that piddly stuff.  It's late in the competition - I gotta up my game! hehehe

 Look, you can even open the coat and see the top.  I did a puffy necked black top. The judges will probably call it boring, but whatever.  The coat is the star of the this outfit for sure!  I love this plaid coat on Amber.  I wish it came in my size.  Of course, I was still too lazy to change the thread on my machine, so it has an "interesting" purple thread detail along the edges.  Ooops!

I paired the outfit with this boot from the Lord and Taylor Accessory Wall

This outfit will definitely keep someone warm in real fall weather!

To see all of the Project Project Runway designs this week, please visit the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

I so agree with you on sleeves! As much as I like the look of 3/4 sleeves, I even think they would leave me cold here in Minnesota.

Your attention to finishing really shows in this outfit.