Monday, 10 September 2012

How To: Logan's CD Curtain

Well it's been all summer, but Logan and I have finally completed his CD Curtain.


Isn't it fun?

Contrary to the amount of time it took us to complete this curtain, it's actually very easy.  All you need is:
- leftover CDs that you're not going to use anymore
- ribbon
- paint
- small toys that your kids aren't playing with anymore

We started by painting the CDs with blue and green paint to match Logan's room colours.  We decided the we wanted 4 strands with 6 CDs on each.  So we had to paint 24 CDs.

When they were all painted and dried, we used some blue and green glittery ribbon to make the actual curtain strand.  We collected 24 little toys that Logan wasn't playing with anymore.  The ribbon gets tacked to the top of the closet. Then I just pulled some ribbon through the hole in the CD and kept it in place with one of the small toys. (Like the photos above). **** Be careful not to measure the ribbon and cut it until you're done.  I just let it hang and cut it to the length I wanted after the toys were attached.  They bring the length of ribbon up quite a bit and I would hate for you to be short.  This glittery ribbon is expensive! ****

That's it.  Cut the ribbon at the bottom and repeat for the remaining curtain strands.

Cute and fun for a kids' room!

Logan had an awesome idea to embellish his CD curtain.  He wanted some of those glow in the dark starts to stick to the CDs.  I ordered some off of eBay and pasted them on each side of each CD.  It looks really cool at night all glowing and mysterious.

Logan's room is almost done.  As soon as I finish his window curtains, I might be willing to do a little bloggy room tour if anyone is interested? 

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Kathryn said...

What a clever and fun idea. Would love the blog tour one it is finished:)