Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In - The Hell Summer

"Uh Oh - you've gained 14 lbs since your last weigh in."


You never want to see that when you finally get up the nerve to test out the scale after the summer of hell.

But there it is.  I own it.

Having whooping cough for two months didn't help the situation.  I over ate to make myself feel better.  I couldn't exercise because I was the mom who would cough until I puked on the playground when I exerted myself in even the tiniest way.

All I can say about that is, thank you to Dianna Jesse who sent me the most awesome oil cloth purse ever.  Because I hacked and hacked in the corner of the playground (trying to stay away from the general population) and maybe once... OK... maybe twice, I was frantically searching in the lovely oil cloth purse for a Halls to get me to stop being the diseased freak on the playground and accidentally puked inside my bag.  Bleh... but oil cloth is a wonderful invention that made clean up very nice (well as nice as it's gonna get anyway).

I was stressed out and over ate because of the anxiety surrounding being a part of a fancy wedding as well.

But the thing that pushed me over the top. The thing that I blame at least 10 of the 14 lbs I gained on?

To add insult to injury this summer - our air conditioner broke!

Yup... today it is 35C outside and 27C inside.  Too hot to exercise.  Too hot to do anything but veg in the basement.

And it's been like this all summer!  So ever if I wanted to exercise, there is no way I'm going it inside.

I've taken to pushing the big double stroller about 5km a day in the morning when it's still reasonable outside.  But I certainly wasn't doing much of that this summer.  Imagine if I tried.  Walk three steps - stop - hack up left lung - walk a few more steps - hack up right lung.  Bleh.

Enough with the excuses though!  It's time for me to leave this nasty summer behind and get back on track.  I've started up the calorie counter again and have been sticking to it.  I'll be sure to keep you updated.

If you've actually made it to the end of this whiny post - BRAVO!

Here's some photos of my first attempt at creating 1940s victory rolls in my hair the other day.  Pretty!

Definitely more practice needed.  Our grandmothers really had their work cut out for them with this hair style.  Phew!

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