Monday, 27 August 2012

The Yellow Brick Road Skirt

I decided to take a wee break from sewing Autumn/Christmas season stock for Tawny Bee and make myself a skirt.

Made with the same pattern as the one posted below that I made at the beginning of summer.


This time I used a pretty sunflower yellow for the top tier.  You may remember that I used the same fabric for Laney's yellow bonnet.

The middle tier is Wizard of Oz - Yellow Brick Road fabric.  It features all the characters as they appear in the movie.

The bottom tier is a boring green canvas-ey type fabric that I don't really like but works awesome because it has a little weight to it.  The skirt doesn't fly away as easily as my first prototype does.

It ties at the waist with a drawstring belt that I made out of the brick road fabric. 

PS: I'm well aware that the photo taken from the beginning of summer has me 12 lbs lighter than I am today. Yeah... 12 lbs... :(  I'll get into all that during Wednesday Weigh In.  Stay tuned.

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