Thursday, 23 August 2012

Project Project Runway #5 - It's My Way on the Runway

This week's challenge was:

"This week on Project Runway the designers were asked team up and create a mini collection for the strong, sophisticated, professional woman. The collection had to be editorial but also had to work for work. Since we can’t work in teams here at Project Project Runway, we are going to ask you to join one of the teams from the show and create one workplace friendly outfit that would fit in their collection. You can see pictures of all the looks here. You can chose Team 6 who used blue and black as their main colors or Team 5 who used black and white with touch of purple as theirs.  A magazine-ready photo shoot was also part of this week’s challenge, so have fun with your photos this week." (Courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

Oooops, I pulled an Elena and opted to use a pure white background for my photos.  It's early and I'm tired - sue me heehe

I chose to design for the blue and black group. 

For the top I chose to make a similar collar to that blue dress that Melissa made only a little less dramatic and comfortable. I used a black ribbed material for that.

For the pants, I worked off of that lovely pencil skirt that Sonjia made. I used the same colour and made the pants skinny at the top with a bit of flare at the bottom (to add my style into the mix a bit).

I really like how the sweater turned out. I'm kinda meh about the pants.

And of course I chose this matchy big bag as accessory this week from the accessory wall. Big enough to hold whatever it is that you need to bring to work with you.

I think the outfit and comfortable yet stylish enough to wear at work.

To view all the Project Project Runway designs this week please visit our Flickr Group.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

But you did pants! I'm impressed by that. Now that I'm feeling better about sleeves I'm going to tackle real pants.