Thursday, 16 August 2012

Project Project Runway #4 - Woman on The Go

This week's challenge was:

"The modern woman is on the go and she needs clothing for that lifestyle. Create a look that is stylish, versatile, comfortable and can last the whole day. Of course, show your own design point of view. Textiles are very important in this challenge. It may help to write a scenario of who your woman is and what she is doing during her day." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Here's my scenario:

My woman is a very busy student.  She sits in the class in the morning, heads to an internship in the afternoon.  Out with friends for dinner and then home to do homework and prepare for the next day.

I  kept with my 70s vibe by choosing an earthy print.  I added my favourite orange to the front.  Nina is totally going to freak out about the crookedness of the orange front piece.  It went all wonky on me. ACK! I instructed my model Ariel to walk quickly so that it looked like she was a busy woman and the stripe down the front would naturally move and not look so crooked. :)

Anyway, this dress is part 70s diner uniform and part elegant Asian dress (you know - to class it up a bit).

I like the bling "buttons" down the front. And she can still sit on the bus on the way to her internship and not look too dressed up.

There weren't very many comfortable choices on the Lord and Taylor Accessory wall this week.  So I'm going with a simple boot.  Dressy enough for her internship, but comfortable enough to run across campus to her next class.


Check out all the other Project Project Runway participants in the Flickr Group.  I bet they are awesome since we were allowed to use our own design aesthetic this week! :D


Just Crafty Enough said...

I like you description of part diner uniform part asian dress, that really does describe it perfectly. You can really see your design style here.

Kathryn said...

I like the funky 70's vibe with the diner uniform/Asian vibe..I would totally have worn this when I was an intern in college:)