Thursday, 2 August 2012

Project Project Runway 2: Candy Couture

This week was the unconventional materials challenge! Yay!

"Create a look out of candy and other things from the candy store. (If you don’t have a candy store locally, you can just use the candy aisle.) Think outside of the box on this one, push at the boundaries and wow the judges. You can use muslin or another fabric as a base." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

First let me introduce you to a new model.

Her name is Amber.

Poor Amber was rescued by Pencil and Aurora when they were out partying last.  I think Amber was fighting with a wayward boyfriend and Aurora took it upon herself to rescue the poor girl and show her the modelling business.

Someone should have warned poor Amber about getting mixed up with Aurora and her cohort Pencil.

I found Amber the next day laying on the floor naked with her hand half chewed off.

Apparently, Aurora forgot to mention that she had a giant gre cougar (aka our kitty Maya) living in her hotel room.  ACK!

The giant grey cougar chewed off Amber's hand while she lay on the floor drunken and alone. Aurora and Pencil had moved the party elsewhere and weren't watching their newest project. 

Oh dear.

So I picked poor Amber up and made her stand still while I used a hot glue gun dangerously close to her.  She didn't bat an eye.

I think she was pleased that someone was finally going to give her some clothes.

And some food as I caught her eating most of the candy in the pile on the work table.


Introducing Amber in the Sweet and Starry Candy Dress:

Please ignore Amber's chewed up hand.  She's a little sensitive about it still.

I made the dress using cake sprinkles because they seemed to be the only candy that was small enough to work with in this scale without having to pound them down into mush and glue them on.

I did a sort of ombre dress using orange, yellow and white stars.

Even the back looks good this week.  Although Amber was instructed to not sit down or touch anybody - and for goodness sake stop eating all the candy! hehehe

I chose these simple bangles as accessory from the Lord and Taylor Accessory Wall.

Everyone welcome Amber to my modelling crew!

How did I fair with the candy challenge?  I'm thinking that I would be safe, but not in the top.  Too simple and way too safe.  And the guest judge (the owner of the candy store) was really looking for use of a lot of different types of candy, which I didn't do at all.

To check out some sweet looks from the other Project Project Runway designers, click over to the Flickr Group.


kat said...

Ah poor Amber, but it's good of you to use a disabled model ;)

Kathryn said...

I love the sort of ombre effect the candy sprinkles bring to the dress and it is also ber brave, politically correct and chic to hire a handicapped model, which should put you in the top three:)