Friday, 24 August 2012

No Punk Ass Whooping Cough is Going To Take Me Out!

I've been meaning to write a post about how I haven't been writing posts much this summer.

But... I just haven't felt like it.

I haven't felt like it all summer.

I haven't felt like creating anything either.

In fact, it was all I could do to get enough energy to work on Logan's garden block, or even tend to the garden at all this summer.

There is a CD curtain in Logan's room that has been in a state of half creation of a month.  My project table is piling up with no energy to tackle it.

Why this blah summer?

Is it because I've been too stressed out about my friend's wedding to do anything?


Is it because the kids are home all summer and have been distracting me with potty training and learning to read?


Nothing like that.


Ya... you read that right.

And in the words of my brother: "People actually get whooping cough in today's society?"


This blog isn't one to point fingers or get into political discussions with quacks on the Internet. But I got this horrible affliction because some parents aren't immunizing their kids against dastardly diseases like this.


So Whooping Cough is on the rise. A baby (related to my brother in law) died.  And people like me with tissue heart valves are being taken out for an entire summer.

The Whooping Cough TOOK ME OUT of commission for most of the summer.

Thankfully (and this is the only time I'll ever say "thankfully" when referring to my anxiety)... thankfully I have social anxiety, so I didn't infect anyone else.  During the time when I was most contagious, I was up near Thompson in a cottage with no one else around except for poor grandma who caught it as well.

Terry must have got it on the bus or at work and gave it to me.  The kids were immunized against it (of course!) and only got mild symptoms. THANK GOD for that.

Basically, my summer was ruined.  My heart valve now has years less on its life than it had before this horrible summer.  And I'll have a lingering barky cough for months more to come.  All because some parents won't immunize their kids.  Are you kidding me?  Thanks a lot.

But as you can see - I'm fine.  I'm always fine.  Somehow I always just fight through it.  For most of this summer I was still taking the kids on long walks, mailing out orders, and just generally plugging away at things all while coughing my freaking lungs out.

I'm not contagious anymore.  In fact, I haven't been contagious for a long time (since the middle of July-ish), so no worries there.

And I'm slowly starting to get back into things.  I have a lot of stock to sew for upcoming fall/Christmas shows and not as much time as I'd like to do it.  Eeep!

Stay tuned for new and awesome craft projects and maybe a few posts about them :D

See I'm fine....

The beanie ball behind me however... I'm not so sure...


Kristie said...

Yikes, Tawny! Sorry to hear about that. And the poor baby who died!! I agree about the immunization thing, my BF hasn't immunized her kids, and it is a personal choice, BUT they are kind of relying on the masses being immunized so their kids don't get stuff. Because, really, do we want to all get Polio again? Modern medicine has given us this gift to avoid major diseases that have wiped out populations in the past. I am all for organic food and decreasing pesticides and many other holistic things, but I will keep my immunizations, thanks!

Jennie said...

Oh no! So glad your kids escaped it.

In the years that my kids were born the Australian government was also providing whooping cough vaccine free to parents and carers, to give additional protection to babies. They've now decided this is ineffective and have stopped funding the scheme. You can still ge the vaccine if you pay for it, but I know my medical scientist friends are outraged about the program being cut.

So glad you had that new heart valve in place - would hate to think of the devastation if you'd caught whooping cough a few years ago.

GowWow (Darla N) said...

I am curious about the CD curtain you mentioned.. picture???
More info?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your health problems, but as I am a Mom also, hanging on for a child is a HUGE motivation. Your kids love and need you and that can often times be enough to not give up no matter how much a Dr. has given up on you.

Additionally, you are very talented and have so much to share with the world; don't give up as the world will be a darker place without you.

mary mahoo said...

Sorry for you Tawny. I've had it too (although I was much younger than you LOL!) I had it multiple times--I'm one of those who haven't been immunized--against anything! I was far too ill when I was a child to be immunized (there was more chance of the shots killing me than the diseases), and now allergies to odd things, and the original health issues stand in the way. I live in fear of catching scary diseases. Hope you're getting stronger everyday, and don't get discouraged when you have a bad day (as in not enough energy to do anything!)

DangAndBlast! said...

I got it in India twelve years ago - even for a healthy college student it's no fun. Now there is an adult vaccine booster, which I didn't know about then - especially with the baby, I'm telling everyone to get the booster - which is in with the tetanus booster anyhow, so there is no excuse! (tell that to my Christian Science aunt, though...) Even if all kids were vaccinated, I move in circles that go to India regularly, so the adults would still get exposed.