Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Iron Craft #17 - Hardware Store - Tin Lanterns

This week's challenge was a tough one:

"Let’s do a materials challenge – with a LOT of latitude – the Hardware Store Challenge. Make something where the prominent material or a bulk of the material come from a hardware store." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


I had a difficult time thinking up something to do with materials from the hardware store.  I love how these challenges make me think outside anything I would normally do. 

And I came up with something really awesome!

Tin Lanterns!

I made them using two mixed nuts tins.  I peeled off the labels and found out that they weren't quite tins, but rather made of a thick cardboard with a tin coating on the inside.

I filled the tins with water and froze them.  The ice inside made it easier to punch holes along the tops of both tins with a hammer and nail (purchased at the hardware store).

Then I painted the tins using the yellow paint I used for our garden bench last year.  (Paint purchased at the hardware store).

Then I got some coloured hemp twine (again, from the hardware store) and a couple of screws.  I screwed the screws into two holes opposite each other and would have fastened them with a nut, but I didn't have one, so I wrapped the ends that were sticking on the inside with duck tape (you guessed it - from the hardware store).  That actually worked really nice because it got rid of the pointy ends.  I took the twine and made a handle out of it by wrapping it around the screws.  I also used some of the twine for a bow on the front.

I then filled the tins with sand (ummm... from the hardware store).  I placed a candle in each. This time the candles were purchased at the grocery store :)

Don't they look fantastic hanging on our front rail?  I went out last night to photograph them in the dark.  They will look so cool lining our steps on Halloween.

I like how you can see the light through the little holes that I punched into the sides.

To follow all of the Iron Crafters Hardware Store projects, visit the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

So clever. & that was a great tip on freezing to get the holes through them.