Saturday, 14 July 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #37

I'm sick and watching Wonder Pets is making it worse!

I swear!

Oh... now that's attractive.

Ugh - I told you I was sick.

It's not the Air Conditioning which broke this week.

And it's not the 35 plus degree C weather that we've been having all week.

It's not the lack of any rain or wind.

It's not the pressure of figuring out what to pack for our trip to visit the in-laws.

It's not the regular mommy activities of feeding, watering, dressing, entertaining the children.


I blame that little yellow duck.

That little baby talking, feathery bitch.

She's making this cold worse.

Or maybe she's actually a he?


I swear that I'm going to reach into the TV and throttle that hermaphroditic duck!

Do you have any children's shows on at your house that make you go cuckoo bananas?


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signingcharity said...

We went through a Wonder Pets phase here and I never did figure out their genders.

I hope your cold gets better!

Mirjam said...

I actually love the wonder pets and sing along with them. I don't know what that says about me...
But what drives me absolutely nuts: teletubbies.