Saturday, 7 July 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #36

This is the one where I write about the movie Magic Mike.

Yes, I just wrote those words.


I haven't seen the movie.

I might see the movie.

I honestly just don't get all this hubbub over the boycott of this movie coming from some groups.

Watching this movie is not going to ruin your marriage.

Unless your marriage is in trouble already.  Then you're doomed anyway.

It just baffles me that some women are thinking that somehow this movie is going to turn them into a bunch of perverts that will value physical sex over some sort of higher connection sex that they have with their husbands.

Ummm... aren't they one in the same?

I confess:

I find my husband incredibly sexy.  And I think about him in all sorts of physical ways.  A LOT.

I guess I'm a pervert already.

Watching a bunch of abs on other men in a movie isn't going to make me run out and become a sex fiend.

Having one of those "My 5" lists isn't going to make me run out and become a sex fiend either.

*** My 5 lists are lists of the 5 celebrities you are free to cheat with if ever the opportunity arose, without your partner freaking out****

Yeah... so like if ever Kiefer Sutherland just happened to be filming a movie in Winnipeg, and then his car breaks down right in front of my house and he comes to my door after getting all sweaty trying to fix said car (damn those rentals anyway!) and he says, "Damn Tawny, you are so fine.  I wanna have you right here and now"... well ...

I'm just going to have to say: "Sorry baby.  I know you're number 1 on my little pretend list and all, but Terry has all of me forever.  So hit the ditch!"

Ok - so I wouldn't tell Kiefer Sutherland to hit the ditch.  Hahaha.  I might grope him a little and then phone someone to come tow his car.  A peck on the cheek might be in order.  And I might just have to measure his armpit hair to see if it's the proper consistency and length.

Nothing weird.

Ummm... so where was I?  (I got seriously distracting wondering all about Kiefer's arm pit hair).


Yeah... so Magic Mike isn't going to ruin anyone's marriage.

And I'm a pervert.


Sharing this confession over at Kim's - All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.

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Anonymous said...

I love your post! You are awesome and I totally agree. Come on, a movie is NOT REAL! It's for entertainment, then back to your real life with your real and loving spouse! Goodness.....I saw the movie and still happily married!

Kristie said...


Kimberly said...

You crack me up.
It won't ruin mine either but I do like Mathew...a lot