Thursday, 26 July 2012

Project Project Runway: New York Times Square Anniversary Party

Welcome to another season of Project Project Runway!  This is the third time I'll be participating. Did ya see my shiny new Project Project Runway button along the side of this blog?

I'm so excited!

To start of season 10 of Project Runway the designers brought a look from their portfolio that best represented their design esthetic. Then they had to make a companion piece to show with it on the runway.

So for Project Project Runway:

"we will give you two choices on how to do this challenge. If you have done Project Project Runway in the past or have designed any doll clothes before, you can use one of those designs as your first piece and design a companion piece to go with it. Or, you can design two new pieces complimentary pieces to show off your design point of view." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I almost didn't get this look created at all.  I was on holidays from Thursday last week until Monday evening.  And I didn't get to watch the first Project Runway episode of this season until last night. But I made it work on Tuesday night and sewed up a 70's inspired look (cuz that seems to be my aesthetic lately).

Here is Pencil (back for another season as my model) modelling my new look.

If you remember back to the Sew 70s challenge a couple of seasons ago - I had designed this cute romper.


Aurora is modelling this look for us.  The shorts are a little worse for wear.  I don't know what kind of partying and debauchery Aurora has been up to in them, but they've seen better days.

Anywho... I used this romper as my "take home assignment" look.

I think this is a terrific companion piece to the romper.  It incorporates the same colour palette without being too "matchy."  It also shows my love for updating 70s inspired clothes so I shouldn't get dinged for not having a story to tell.

And won't these boots off the Lord and Taylor Accessory wall look awesome under that long skirt?

Here are Pencil and Aurora together again on the Runway. I hope these two don't get up to too much trouble this season!

What do you think?  Am I safe this week?

To keep up with all the Project Project Runway designers (including 2 new junior 11 year old designers, check out the Flickr Group.


kat said...

You are totally in for another week. I think your new look is a fabulous companion to your older one, its the dressy side of the look.

Kathryn said...

Cute creations and totally safe for next week:)