Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Iron Craft 15: London 2012

This week's Iron Craft challenge was:

"With the Olympics starting on July 27th and the recent Jubilee the spotlight is on London in 2012. Let’s join in the celebration by doing something that is inspired by London, England or the Olympics themselves." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


My first plan was to make an Olympic gymnast clown creation that I found in one of my craft books.  But I couldn't pull it off with a vacation in the middle of my prep time. 

So... I started thinking about London.  Then I started thinking about the royal family.  Then I started thinking about royal weddings.

And that inevitably lead me to this...

Those ridonkulus hats that everyone wears to those weddings.

So much fun to make!  I used cardboard as a base and a lot of hot glue to secure the fabric around.

Then I took some violet coloured tulle and folded it all underneath the hat and glued that into place.

Then I took another strong piece of cardboard and glued it to the bottom with a headband secured in between the hat and that piece of cardboard.

For added craziness, I used a violet coloured ribbon around the hat and some pretty decorated feathers and a small glittery leaf as extra adornment.  The leaf is a maple leaf - you know, cuz Canada is part of the monarchy and stuff.

Oooh la la! Don't I look ready to have tea with the royals?

OK - maybe I'm ready to have tea with the mad hatter instead?

What do you think?  London inspired? Or just plain silly? 

I actually really loved making this crazy accessory and might have decided to make more.  This one is available at Tawny Bee for those who are equally as silly as I.


To check out the London inspired projects that the other Iron Crafters have come up with, clicky over to the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

You're all set to attend the next royal wedding (& according to the dream I had last night it's me and Harry. Don't tell my husband.)