Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Iron Craft 13: Red, White and Blue

Hmmm you may notice that I'm Canadian up here.  So this week's Iron Craft challenge was a REAL challenge:

"Between the Fourth or July and the upcoming Olympics, we are going to be seeing a lot of this color combination over the next month in the States. We figured we might as well embrace it. Your challenge is to create something using at least two of these colors. It does not have to be Fourth of July or Olympics themed." (courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

Yeah... so... how to make a craft that doesn't look American patriotic using the colours red, white and blue.

Actually I like that they gave us the choice to use at least two of the colours. With Canada Day over the weekend, I was seriously thinking about doing a good ole red and white craft.  But since Iron Craft reveal day falls after the holiday, no one would really get to use any of my ideas until next year.

Or that was my reasoning anyway.  Then I decided that I really needed to figure out Logan's teacher appreciation gift for his kindergarten graduation last week.

So my idea is going to be revealed after that as well.

Oh well....

Here is what I came up with for an appreciation gift for a Kindergarten teacher:

I did the embroidery and Logan did most of the other stuff.

The embroidery says "Thanks for starting me out on the right track" and features a train.

Logan painted two wooden hoops with sparkly paint and we sandwiched some red and white lace in between them.

I'm so glad that Logan got to help me out with this craft. 

 And to those of you on my fanpage that suggested teachers like consumable gifts, we got that covered.

Logan insisted on making something crafty for his teacher anyway. He is kinda known as a crafty kid and loves to share his creations with his teacher, so I figured a gift card wasn't going to cut it for this kid.

We did stick one on the back though.  Tim Horton's is always much appreciated (even for the non-coffee/tea drinkers like myself!)  We decorated that with a pretty handmade envelope and Spiderman sticker closure. 

And it's Red, White and Blue! Yay!

What kinds of things did you figure out for a teacher appreciation gift this year?


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kat said...

I was hoping the two color version would give those not from the States some options. Glad you were able to figure it out.