Thursday, 5 July 2012

Artzooka Robot Heads!

Every day after school, Logan runs home and turns on Kids CBC.  He gets home just in time to watch the last 10 minutes of Artzooka.

It's his favourite show.

It has a host - Jeremie - who shows kids how to make awesome crafty stuff using all recyclable things from home.

It teaches about art, making, creativity and recycling in a fun way.

Now that school is over for the summer, Logan is starting to watch the first ten minutes of each show and he's loving it!

I have a feeling we'll be doing a ton of Artzooka crafts this summer.

The recycle bin has now become a treasure trove of crafting supplies (not that it wasn't already).

We already made one of the crafts.

Robot Heads!

Made out of a milk carton (or cardboard box), some empty jello containers, buttons, googly eyes, paint.

Logan's is the one of the left and Lane's the one on the right.

Jeremy taught them the not so secret way to paint on plastic and have it dry clear enough to shine a light through.  (psst - it's white glue, food colouring and a drop of dish soap).

Sorry for the horrible photos.  Not good with the "in the dark" shots.  Anyway the flap on the robot head opens up and you can put an LED light inside to shine through the plastic on the top.  You can also put treasures in there for safe keeping.

I love all the recycle challenges and fun stuff for kids on this show!

Check out the Artzooka website.  If you click on the Instructions and Uploads section you'll find a list of all the Artzooka makes with easy to follow instructions and pictures.  So awesome!


**** Note: I wasn't compensated for this review or even asked to do it.  I just really love anything upcycling and crafty - especially things I can do with the kids.****

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