Saturday, 16 June 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #33

I confess...

I think my husband is an alien.  Or maybe some kind of angel wearing a Terry-looking meat suit.

(Ok... maybe i've been watching too much Supernatural for that last one to be true)


When asked what he wanted to do for Father's Day, he responded with:

"I want to take you all to the Red River Ex."


Only an alien would say that.

Who wants to spend the day walking around in the blazing sun spending hundreds of dollars and corralling the kids so they don't get lost in the throngs of people - for Father's Day?

Aliens! That's who!

Wouldn't he rather go camping? Fishing? Sit on the couch and drink beer?


He says that the Red River Ex is the only place on earth that he would want to spend Father's Day.


I admit - we did have fun last year:

Since the kids were too small to go on any of the rides, we ended up looking at the displays and stuff mostly.

The kids were in love with the hot tubs.  And Terry was right in there with them.

Apparently, beef on a bun has a strong pull for aliens.

So I guess The Red River Ex is what we're doing for Father's Day this year.


Note: more proof that Terry is an alien - his arm pit hair is in perfect proportion and length.  That can't be human design!

Happy Father's Day Babe!  I love you.


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