Saturday, 2 June 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #32

Today, let me relate to you the story of the mall dress.

It happened one late summer day about two years ago.  Lane was only a mere infant and Logan was a jubilant toddler.  We were at the mall having lunch.  The mall is an excellent place to feed a over picky toddler because there is a ton of choice.  And there's play park to entertain.  And the Thomas the Train set up at Chapters to mollify any screaming toddler.

Those are the only reasons I had to ever go to the mall.

What about shopping you say?

This is where my confession comes in:

I can't stand shopping at the mall.

Terry can attest to this when early in our relationship I went to the mall to buy some such outfit or underwear or whatever and came out crying.

If I shop at the mall, I always leave in tears.

My fashion sense is no where near what the mall offers.  And the sizes are not for anyone who isn't a teenage stick figure.

And can we talk about the sales people for a minute?

**** Note: I wanted to call them sales bitches, but this is a family blog****

They are the worst.  If you're not one of their Bieber lovin', cell phone textin', hair flippin' teenage cohorts, they want nothing to do with you.  They will stare you down, refuse to help you with anything and pretty much act with distain over your entire existence until you leave.

So, I don't go into those stores anymore.  But the only other stores left are the "old lady" type stores.  And they are even worse.  Cuz goodness knows I don't look like I wear clothes (or could even afford clothes) from those stores.  Those ladies act like it's beneath them to even breathe the same air that I do.

I know.  I know.  I'm probably imagining the whole scene.  I know.

Doesn't matter if the ending is always the same.  I leave.  Crying.

So - getting back to the tale of the mall dress.

There we were in the food court eating our lunch.  Then from the corner of my eye, I spot something.  A beautiful orange maxi dress on display at the one of the stores near us.

I wanted that dress.

I wanted it really badly.

And it was marked at $17.

I ventured over there with the kids stuffed into the double stroller.

Carefully.  All the while thinking that the dress was probably made by migrant workers in India. And that I shouldn't even go near.  Imagining the awful scene of me fleeing, wiping tears out of my eyes while Logan shouts: "Mommy is crying like a baby" for all to hear.

I chose the large orange dress from the rack and, without even trying it on (because that would be a whole other type of torture and trauma and a sure fire way to bring on the sobs) I bought it.

I knew that if it didn't fit, I could still cut it up and make a beautiful skirt out of it for the price.

No tears!  And it fit!

And I still wear it every summer.

And that my friends is the last clothing item I've ever purchased from a store in the mall.

How do you handle going to the mall?
Are they a necessary evil?


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tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Olá,fiquei me imaginando ignorada em qualquer loja...Você chora? Você é muito calma e educada.Eu tenho um gênio de cão bravo e amarrado.Adoro você,beijos de lonnnge,Brasil.

Pam said...

I am right beside you, the only clothes that I could even contemplate looking at are on other shoppers. I am too big, too small. too young for the clothes on show or not desperate enough to brave the supercilious staff. I buy mostly online or make it myself now.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

CUTE! I hate malls too. I go for the germ pit...I mean, play pit on the days where I lack creativity to think of anything else to do. In my local mall they have just opened up a Lego store right next to the play pit. I am so insulted by this! Great marketing on their part, but completely cruel to us parents...especially when you can't go in and buy just one lego guy. Can't buy just one, can't buy just two, can't even buy four (so both of your kids can have equal amounts), you have to buy three, which will no doubt cause trauma between two 'lil dudes who each want two. But 26 bucks for 6 lego guys? They are criminal masterminds, those Lego store owners. I'm rambling, but basically I'm with you. Malls suck.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

to echo the previous comment
malls suck
I only go when dragged by my pennyless teen daughter
and then I whine and moan about it all the way!

Kimberly said...

i hate malls. I really do. I avoid them like the plague.
I do frequent our outlet mall which is the same thing but less crowd.
I'm glad that you bought that dress. It's beautiful.

DangAndBlast! said...

Love the Lego comment above! In Houston, the Galleria - the main mall - is an interational tourist attraction (people fly in from Mexico to shop there); it's different from other malls I've seen in that it caters to everybody (not just high- or low-income - it has budget stores and Coach and Cartier and everything in-between); all that means that it's crazy crowded and that any out-of-town visitors want to go there. I don't have other problems with the stores (we're in Texas, so everyone's friendly, even the store staff!), but I hate the crowds and hate haing to take people there... when I go myself (most recently: to buy nursing bras!), it's at opening on a Tuesday or something.

They also have a very nice indoor ice rink (more exciting for us than for you, I guess!) that's actually where the competitive skaters train in the mornings, but it's open to everyone... I see going there when the baby's older...