Monday, 11 June 2012

Macrame Monday: Macrame Rope Basket

I had a bag full of spool knitted cords sitting in a bag on the floor beside my fabric shelf.  The cat found said bag and decided that it was her personal toy bin.  She pulled all the cords out and had great fun batting at all the string.

Hmm... so I decided that it was time to make something out of all that cord.

Ta da!


A rope basket!

And yeah... it needs a little work.  I need to work on the shaping of the basket.  But I think it's pretty cool for my first attempt.

And to make this basket, you only need to know how to do an overhand knot and a clove hitch knot.  Woo Woo!

I started by gathering up all my spool knitting and cutting it down into manageable cords (about 2 metres long each).  I grabbed some green thick macrame cord and looped four of the cords I just cut to the macrame cords with an overhand knot.

Then basically I used a clove hitch knot with the green cord as anchor.  Instead of doing a wavy pattern (like I did with the micro macrame bracelets), I kept the anchor cords going around in circles to create the basket shape.

Wide at the bottom and thinner on top.

I just added extra cords with an overhand knot on the anchor cord when I needed them.

 When I got to the top, I cut the cords and folded them under.  I then glued them in place.

The handles are held on with a knot on the anchor cord in two places.  I then glued them for added strength.

I need to work on the shape a bit.  Maybe next time I'll place some balled up fabric inside, or one of the children's soccer balls to keep the shape around the bottom a bit better.

Maybe if I blew up a balloon and then shaped the basket and then popped it when I was done?  That could work!

Anyway, I think I'll place some nice plastic flowers in there.  Or maybe a plastic snake?  Doesn't it remind you of one of these?


Have you done any cool macrame projects lately?  Do share!


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