Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Iron Craft #12 - Smile!

Iron craft this week is all about photos:

Raise your hand if all your pictures live on a hard drive somewhere. Yeah, you too huh? Well, let’s print out some of those pictures and turn them into something! (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I thought about this for awhile and decided to try out a program that I've had on my Mac for a long time.  I first tried it out about a year ago, but didn't really spend much time figuring it out.

It's called MacOSaiX. <-- free download if you're interested and have a Mac.

And it's a program that takes a normal photo:

Ok, so this one of Lane has an oil painting filter on it.  But it's reasonably normal.

And then it takes all the photos you have stored in iPhoto and turned the photo into this

That is a Mosaic photo of Lane made out of tiny photos from my library.

EEEE!!!  So cool. It took hours for this to be created and several retries before I got it to about 92% quality.

Not bad.

So I framed it in an old thrift store frame that I absolutely love.

I tried a bunch of photos of Logan and one of me and couldn't get it past about 84% quality.  So I'm going to have to work on finding the perfect ones. 

I intend to get all 4 of us immortalized in Mosaic and then frame them all in different frames and Mosaic them on our wall as well.  Yay!

It's fascinating to stare at all the photos that make up a huge Lane face.  Some from when we brought Logan home for the first time. Some in the summer when we all went to the beach.  The dark ones are mostly photos of the Christmas lights that we have taken every year.  So neat.

And if you think this wasn't a crafty endevour (cuz the program did all the work) - think again.  It took me hours to figure out how to page span the printing.  I ended up using Open Office draw but it wouldn't print the middle.  So then I had to crop the other pieces in GIMP and piece them together into one big Mosaic picture to be framed.  But GIMP wouldn't print, so I had to print the cropped stuff through Preview.  Oy! Tech support was the name of the game for this crafty project.  Sometimes it's like that I guess.  Not so much crafty with glue and scissors or sewing machine, and much more crafty on the computer.  The latter being much more frustrating.

Well that's my Smile! project.  What cool things have you created using your photos?  I'd love to see them.

And if you want some ideas about what to do with your photos I'm sure the Iron Crafters have plenty.  Check out the Flickr pool this week.

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kat said...

Hey, I think you can be totally crafty with the computer. None of those programs really works on its own.