Saturday, 30 June 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #35

When I was at my cardiologist appointment on Thursday morning, I saw this pasted up at reception.


Amusing isn't it?

I confess -  I got to thinking....

How come my pacemaker doesn't do anything cool like that?

It should access Twitter, or at least play some funky music that only I can hear blasted straight into my brain waves.

OK... so I guess making my heart beat all day and night every day and night is "doing something cool."

But still...

It connects to a computer to get the little print outs of all the things it keeps track of.  Do you know that it keeps track of every time my heart goes above 170 bpm (which is the upper limit it can go)?  Yeah... so the doctors pretty much know when I'm having... er... se.... you get the idea. Because really, who works out at midnight?  Lovely.

If it keeps track of information like that, why can't it keep track of the appointment I have next week? Or when important birthdays are coming up?  It could send a message right to my brain and I'd never forget anything!

Of course, knowing my luck, they'd install Windows on that sucker and then I'd be doomed. Loaded with viruses and ads for Viagra would just pop into my head at inappropriate times when I'm trying to drive or make dinner or something. (Really when is an ad for Viagra popping into your head appropriate?)

Maybe I oughta rethink this...

(P.S. - my appointment went amazingly. My right ventricle has shrunk down to normal size! Because of that, the holes are undetectable and my valve is working without leaking.  I don't have to go back for 2 years!  That has never before happened in my entire 35 years on this planet. 2 Years! :D :D


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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

When I Grow Up

Sooooo... what have we learned from this video?

1) Logan wants to be a rock n roll star when he grows up
2) Laney wants to be a princess when she grows up
3) Barney is super annoying when watching the exact same hour long episode over and over again for several days in a row


Logan is halfway to his goal already.

Terry has been teaching him Alice Cooper's "School's Out" on Guitar Hero.  Logan plans on singing it at the top of his lungs tomorrow while leaving Kindergarten for the last time.  It's the start of summer holidays tomorrow.

I will be a crying mess.  My baby is going to be in grade one!

Therefore, I am banned from the school tomorrow.  Instead I'll be at my cardiologist appointment while Terry picks Logan up from school.

I'll update you on all the happenings tomorrow.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #34

You know how we always complain about the state of our husband's underwear?  I mean, it's not unwarranted.  They will wear those things until they fall off.

Correction: when those underwear lose the elastic, they will still hike them up with their jeans. 

They can be so thread bare that they leave nothing to the imagination. They can have holes in them and practically get up and walk away by themselves.  And they can have that certain smell that will never go away and will infect everything in the laundry with them.

But they are still good right?

We devise stealthy plans to get rid of this affront to humanity without our husbands finding out.  Because when they figure out what we're up to, they will pull the underwear from the trash or our sneaky hiding place and defend them saying, "they're still good."  (or more likely, the offending pair will get up and walk out of the trash themselves and situate themselves at the top of your lovingly purchased new pile of underwear in the drawer.)


I confess:

I have two pairs of yoga shorts purchased from La Senza way back when I was 21 (that's 14 years ago people!) that fit into the "husband's underwear" category.  

They're still good right?


I wear them as pajamas.  In fact, I wore them as pajamas all the way through University.

Here I am on Christmas morning 2004 (the year after I graduated from university) wearing them.

I wore them all through the pregnancy (both pregnancies in fact!).

I was probably wearing them when Terry proposed to me.

I might have even been wearing them on our wedding night when we got home from the beach.

They have been stretched in all sorts of directions with my various weight gains and loses.

They are threadbare. I'm not going to lie.

I have a snip in the leg of the pink ones (which aren't really pink anymore, but rather a dull beige) from when I was hand sewing something and cut through the shorts while trying to cut some thread.

They have a certain waft - let me just call it "scent du baby puke/root beer/nachos".

If Terry cared at all he would have developed a plan to have these shorts disappear years ago.

But really, now I have no defense when I try to throw out his favourite t-shirt that he's been wearing for so many years that the arm pits have literally dissolved under the intense sweaty pressure.


In my defense: I have grabbed a pattern from my beloved shorts and have begun to sew myself a new pair.

Yoga short version 2.0 :D

Do you have a favourite article of clothing that has seen better days?  Do you hold onto it with all your might and refuse to get rid of it until they pry it out of your cold dead hands? :P


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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Red River Ex 2012

We went.

We waited in line.

We pancake breakfasted.

We fought the power... er.. or crowds... or whatever Lane is doing here.

We merry go rounded.

We were all smiles and giggles.

We Jeeped.

We're good drivers.

We motorcycled.

We were a-maze-d.

We made goofy faces for serious photos.

We Scooby Dooby Doo-ed.

We were the cat's pajamas.

We went to the extreme! (Extreme Dog Show that is)

We cuddled in the rain.

We had our minds blown by so many puppies doing so many tricks all at the same time.

We rooted for team Blue.

We petted.

We oohed and aaahed.

We got licked.

And overall we had an excellent time at the Red River Ex this past Father's Day.

I know it's late, but how was your weekend?  Or how is your weekend going to be in a few days?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Iron Craft #12 - Smile!

Iron craft this week is all about photos:

Raise your hand if all your pictures live on a hard drive somewhere. Yeah, you too huh? Well, let’s print out some of those pictures and turn them into something! (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I thought about this for awhile and decided to try out a program that I've had on my Mac for a long time.  I first tried it out about a year ago, but didn't really spend much time figuring it out.

It's called MacOSaiX. <-- free download if you're interested and have a Mac.

And it's a program that takes a normal photo:

Ok, so this one of Lane has an oil painting filter on it.  But it's reasonably normal.

And then it takes all the photos you have stored in iPhoto and turned the photo into this

That is a Mosaic photo of Lane made out of tiny photos from my library.

EEEE!!!  So cool. It took hours for this to be created and several retries before I got it to about 92% quality.

Not bad.

So I framed it in an old thrift store frame that I absolutely love.

I tried a bunch of photos of Logan and one of me and couldn't get it past about 84% quality.  So I'm going to have to work on finding the perfect ones. 

I intend to get all 4 of us immortalized in Mosaic and then frame them all in different frames and Mosaic them on our wall as well.  Yay!

It's fascinating to stare at all the photos that make up a huge Lane face.  Some from when we brought Logan home for the first time. Some in the summer when we all went to the beach.  The dark ones are mostly photos of the Christmas lights that we have taken every year.  So neat.

And if you think this wasn't a crafty endevour (cuz the program did all the work) - think again.  It took me hours to figure out how to page span the printing.  I ended up using Open Office draw but it wouldn't print the middle.  So then I had to crop the other pieces in GIMP and piece them together into one big Mosaic picture to be framed.  But GIMP wouldn't print, so I had to print the cropped stuff through Preview.  Oy! Tech support was the name of the game for this crafty project.  Sometimes it's like that I guess.  Not so much crafty with glue and scissors or sewing machine, and much more crafty on the computer.  The latter being much more frustrating.

Well that's my Smile! project.  What cool things have you created using your photos?  I'd love to see them.

And if you want some ideas about what to do with your photos I'm sure the Iron Crafters have plenty.  Check out the Flickr pool this week.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Prizes: Oilcloth Treasures

I was a very lucky girl and ended up winning two prize packs during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week in May.

Here is the second prize - all the way from London, England!

Yeah - not London, Ontario - I'm talking the real thing - England!


Sometimes when you're busy entering giveaways in this extravaganza, you lose track of all the things you've entered to win.

But not this one.  I remembered it well and was so excited to learn that I had won.

As the weather has been turning more summery, I've noticed that I don't really have a good way of holding my purse with my keys, phone, wallet, etc in it and pulling the wagon with the kids in it at the same time.  I used to be able to put a few essentials in my sweater and go.  But now I don't wear pockets.  Gah!

So when I saw this cute little backpack made out of oilcloth as one of the prizes, I knew that I had to have one.  I actually looked up how to make one and everything.  Thank goodness I won, because I don't think my sewing machine is up for stitching through that much thickness.

And it's perfect!  Hands free to wrangle the children and fashionable.

I love it so much!

And if that weren't enough, I also received this lovely piece of oilcloth.  I wonder what I will make with it?  It's so romantic looking.

And again, if that weren't enough, I also got this awesome eReader cover made of oilcloth.  Oh my gosh!  My Kobo fits in it so nicely and it's so pretty!

Fantastic no?

Want to know where I got all this stuff?

And then go over there and ogle other stuff by this awesome blogger?

And maybe stalk... um... I mean... learn all about said awesome blogger?

I got all these prizes from Dianna Jessie!

Check out her blog.  It has links to her bag and purses and tutorials.  Oh my!


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #33

I confess...

I think my husband is an alien.  Or maybe some kind of angel wearing a Terry-looking meat suit.

(Ok... maybe i've been watching too much Supernatural for that last one to be true)


When asked what he wanted to do for Father's Day, he responded with:

"I want to take you all to the Red River Ex."


Only an alien would say that.

Who wants to spend the day walking around in the blazing sun spending hundreds of dollars and corralling the kids so they don't get lost in the throngs of people - for Father's Day?

Aliens! That's who!

Wouldn't he rather go camping? Fishing? Sit on the couch and drink beer?


He says that the Red River Ex is the only place on earth that he would want to spend Father's Day.


I admit - we did have fun last year:

Since the kids were too small to go on any of the rides, we ended up looking at the displays and stuff mostly.

The kids were in love with the hot tubs.  And Terry was right in there with them.

Apparently, beef on a bun has a strong pull for aliens.

So I guess The Red River Ex is what we're doing for Father's Day this year.


Note: more proof that Terry is an alien - his arm pit hair is in perfect proportion and length.  That can't be human design!

Happy Father's Day Babe!  I love you.


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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Prizes: Strawberry Fields

Remember my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway?  Well, not only did I give something away, but I also entered about a bazillion other giveaways.

And I won two of them!

First up is this lovely charm pack of Strawberry Fields by Joanna Figueroa for Moda.

I won it from an awesome blog called A Stitch In Time

I even opened it up so that you can see all the goodies inside.  So pretty!

Luckily for me A Stitch In Time has lots of quilting and sewing ideas, so I shouldn't have too much trouble finding inspiration for this particular set of fabrics.

For all of you quilty readers out there - do you have a favourite pattern that incorporates charm packs?  I'd love to check them out!  Link in the comments below. 


Stay tuned for prize number two reveal tomorrow....

Monday, 11 June 2012

Macrame Monday: Macrame Rope Basket

I had a bag full of spool knitted cords sitting in a bag on the floor beside my fabric shelf.  The cat found said bag and decided that it was her personal toy bin.  She pulled all the cords out and had great fun batting at all the string.

Hmm... so I decided that it was time to make something out of all that cord.

Ta da!


A rope basket!

And yeah... it needs a little work.  I need to work on the shaping of the basket.  But I think it's pretty cool for my first attempt.

And to make this basket, you only need to know how to do an overhand knot and a clove hitch knot.  Woo Woo!

I started by gathering up all my spool knitting and cutting it down into manageable cords (about 2 metres long each).  I grabbed some green thick macrame cord and looped four of the cords I just cut to the macrame cords with an overhand knot.

Then basically I used a clove hitch knot with the green cord as anchor.  Instead of doing a wavy pattern (like I did with the micro macrame bracelets), I kept the anchor cords going around in circles to create the basket shape.

Wide at the bottom and thinner on top.

I just added extra cords with an overhand knot on the anchor cord when I needed them.

 When I got to the top, I cut the cords and folded them under.  I then glued them in place.

The handles are held on with a knot on the anchor cord in two places.  I then glued them for added strength.

I need to work on the shape a bit.  Maybe next time I'll place some balled up fabric inside, or one of the children's soccer balls to keep the shape around the bottom a bit better.

Maybe if I blew up a balloon and then shaped the basket and then popped it when I was done?  That could work!

Anyway, I think I'll place some nice plastic flowers in there.  Or maybe a plastic snake?  Doesn't it remind you of one of these?


Have you done any cool macrame projects lately?  Do share!


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Friday, 8 June 2012

Food Friday: Taco Pie

When it comes to dinner, sometimes the simpler the better.

So Terry often buys fish and chips, Hamburger Helper, frozen pizzas etc to help take the strain off of making dinner everyday from scratch.

One day he bought this:

A soft taco bake kit.

OMG - this is the most delicious layering of stuff ever.  Yum yum yum yum.

And the kids ate it up and then demanded the one piece of taco pie that was left for lunch the next day.

So when we saw that Terry had taken some ground beef out of the freezer for defrosting, we knew what we wanted!

For a few days Terry tried to tease the kids saying that he was going to make spaghetti and meat sauce with that ground beef.

The kids weren't having any of that.  Yesterday, I took them for a walk to our neighbourhood grocery store and they wandered the aisles shouting "TACO PIE!" at the top of their lungs.  When they found the coveted box, they were all smiles.  Even the cashier (who had to listen to the Taco Pie symphony for 10 minutes while we found the box) told us that she really loved this particular Taco bake as well.

We got home and Logan insisted that daddy know what we were having for dinner.  He wanted to be clear that we put the veto on spaghetti and meat sauce once and for all.

He made this sign:

The sign says "Taco pie please."  We taped it the the back of a chair and placed it in the front entryway of the house so that Terry would have to run into it when he came home form work. 

Yes.  Our family is hardcore bonkers over Taco Pie.

yum yum yum yum yum.

**** Note: how could Terry resist all of that hoopla over taco pie? He made it for us for dinner last night.  The kybosh has been put on spaghetti and meat sauce until further notice :P

**** Note number 2: I wasn't compensated in any way for making this endorsement of taco pie.  My family just really loves it.  So if Old El Paso wants to send us ... like... a year supply of Taco Pie, I could totally be down with that hehehhe