Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Weigh In: A Serious Set Back

I just went through a very anxious week last week.  And my weight is suffering.

I gained 4 lbs last week!


Anxiety is my biggest weight loss foe.  Once I get stressed out about something, I tend to fall back on my comfortable (bad) habits.

So this past week, I found out that I couldn't go to the family reunion in my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta at the beginning of June.  I was really looking forward to it.  I was going to bring Logan with me (for anxiety buffer) and get to hang out with my aunt and cousins who are the same age as Logan.  We were going to take a trip to Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum.  It was going to be a much needed break from the ordinary.

Logan was pretty upset about not getting to go on an airplane ride.  But I think I was more upset.  And then came the dreaded phone call to Westjet to rearrange my ticket and cancel Logan's.  I hate talking on the phone.  Really A LOT. I suffer more from working up the guts to make the phone call than actually having to go through with it.  Yes, my social anxiety is that bad this year.

Anyway, it got done.  I had to break it to my best friend that I wasn't going to get to try on my dress for her wedding until a few days before said wedding.  Now we're scrambling to find a seamstress that will do quick alterations at the last minute.  I am also going to miss her bridal shower which they put on June 2nd because I was going to be there.  Boourns.  I was so disappointed.

Oh well...

If that weren't enough, my sewing machine has been a royal b*tch! It was snapping threads and breaking needles all over the place last week. 

I broke down and cried several times before I sucked it up and figured out what the problem was this time.  Apparently my cheap little machine is going to cost me more in expensive thread and now expensive needles than it is really worth.  :(  I guess I better start selling more cloth pads and teddy beds so that I can afford a new machine soon.

With all this anxiety plaguing me last week, I took it out on 3 taquitos, a Slurpee everyday (sometimes two!), a bag of chips, fast food, and no exercise or calorie counting.

And I gained 4 lbs!  Waaaah!

Getting this tie dyed dress in the mail was the highlight of my week. I ordered it from this Etsy shop. Isn't it incredible? The heart sunglasses are from this Etsy shop and make the perfect summery accessory for this outfit.

So this week it's all about exercising to get rid of all this stress and getting back to the good ole calorie count.

Phew! That was a rambling, "feeling sorry for myself" sorta post.  Sorry!  Sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me.  I really oughta work on that.

I hope all my readers had a stress free week!   I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.  I promise!


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

awww! hugs to you Tawny

trillium said...

Keep healthy snacks around. I never drink sodas, Slurpees, or eat chips. I ate chips at one point in my life a couple of years ago and all the salt raised my BP about 25 points!! Make homemade burritos or tacos with canned refried beans. Keep pre-cut mixed salad greens, along with raw peppers, tomatoes, cukes, olives and have cashew butter or almond butter and some good store-bought hummus at hand. Throw in some unsalted sunflower seeds, too. Eat a healthy salad every day. One good snack I've found is Smartfood cheesy popcorn.

You might find an online sewing machine shop that will allow you to do layaway for a new machine.