Saturday, 19 May 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #30

It was Mother's Day last weekend.  And all the commercials appeared on the radio and TV exulting the "go to" Mother's Day gift that every mama was sure to love.

A day at the spa.

"Get your nails done while peaceful lavender scents are pumped into the room."

"Let our trained masseuse rub away all your worries."

"Our stylist would be happy to create the perfect new hair style for you."

"Forget all your mommy worries and pamper yourself for the day away from your children."


I confess:

I HATE the spa.  NO TOUCHY!

Ugh.  The thought of anyone touching me freaks me out.

I guess this all started because I had the worst circulation and all that rubbing from a massage would bring all of my precious circulation away from the core of my body and make me physically sick.

But it's not just that - I don't like people hugging me. I hated when adults tried to pat me on the head when I was little.  Don't try to lift me in any way.  Give me warning before you try to hold me hand.

"Wow, you have really long, thick hair - mind if I style it for you?"


"Wanna hug it out?"

No Touchy!

"I'm a touchy-feely person who hugs anyone I meet and since you're a perfect stranger whom I've just met, I'm gonna hug you."

No Touchy!

"Those nails could sure use a bit of colour.  Want a manicure?"

No Touchy!

"You're in your best friend's wedding, so I'm gonna make you so pretty with all this goopy make-up."

No Touchy!  (although I'm probably going to have to submit to this one in August - boourns)

"I declare a thumb war!"

No Touchy!

"Eskimo kisses?"

No Touchy!

"Tag! You're it"

No I'm not! No Touchy!


(The No Touchy rule applies to Everyone with the following exceptions:
Sexy times with my husband continues until further notice hehehe.  And I relish hugs and kisses from my children.)


I'm sharing this confession over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.  Share yours?




Kimberly said...

I was never a hugger or toucher...hee hee that sounds dirty...but when I met my husband's family I was forced into the touchy...they were all huggers.
So eventually I warmed up to hugging.
I've had massages regularly but that's because of my back.
And I'd take a pedicure any day because I can't bend over :)

Kathryn said...

While I like hugs of loved ones, I don't like the idea of strangers touching me, although I wouldn't turn down foot massage when my feet are achy.

I don't think I could ever stand to for a real massage as there is no way I want to be naked in front of strangers or just a towel over my backside.

Where I used to work they did offer a free 15 minute massage (clothes on) and I was so uncomfortable with it that I was more tense afterwards than before.