Thursday, 10 May 2012

Never Have I Been so Glad That The Man Couldn't Find The Hole


I had my first echocardiogram since my new valve was put in. 

I was a raw ball of nerves going to that appointment.  I didn't know what to expect. I have been feeling really good lately, but things don't tend to go perfectly when it comes to my heart.

But this particular appointment was awesome! :D

The technician took the first measurements of my heart post surgery.  It has shrunk back to a normal sized heart!

My heart hasn't been normal sized since.... um... forever!

Then the tech pointed the echo gizmo onto my valve. 

And I admit - I cried like a blubbering baby.

I have never had a working pulmonary valve.  Ever in my life.

This was such an incredible experience.  There was no backwash sounds, no backflow colours.  Everything was so perfect. It was just opening and shutting and opening and shutting.  How I love that picture!

Then the technician moved on to look the hole in my heart.  It has been the size of a quarter since Logan was born.  She looked and looked and jabbed my poor boob and ribs with that echo wand thingie.  Ow!

Hmmm... something was up.  She was very quiet.  About 20 minutes of jabbing later, she decided to get my cardiologist who happened to be reading echos in the next room at that very moment.  He looked and looked at all her measurements and then said he was satisfied. 

My hole is no longer there!

My heart has shrunk so much and so much pressure has been relieved with this new valve that the hole is NO LONGER THERE!

I cried again.  Right in the tech room. 

My heart is now functioning as close to a normal heart as it is ever going to get.

This is the most momentous, awesome, incredible, astounding, insane news I've heard in a long time.

Tawny is normal.

Well... as normal as I'm ever going to get.

And what does my brother say in reaction to my news yesterday?

"It must be all the steroids in the cow-grown organic replacement parts! Haha!  Good to hear, Sis! "



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

that is so wonderful! congratulations!!!!!
I am so happy for you!
I want to put in a whole line of exclamation points to celebrate!

anita said...

Wow!! Such amazing news, Tawny!

(but oh, did your post title raise eyebrows...hahaha)