Monday, 7 May 2012

Macrame Monday - How To - Macrame Sandals

Ooooh I'm so excited to show you this project.

I made my own Macrame sandals!


Check them out.

Wha?!!! You can make macrame sandals?!!!

You totally can!

Here's how:

Time Needed:
About an hour

Skill Needed:
This project only uses one macrame knot (the square knot) - so knowledge of that is a must.  And that's it! No sewing involved.

Materials Needed:
An old pair of flip flops (or those ones from the dollar store work awesomely too!)
t-shirt yarn (here's a tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn if you don't have some already)

I used this ball of nylon-esque yarn that I got from the thrift store. It's stretchy and doesn't unravel just like t-shirt yarn.

Step One:
Take the original flip flops apart.  Try to do this carefully so that you don't tear the flip flop too much when taking the plastic toe piece off.

Cut 5 long pieces of t-shirt yarn.  I cut mine at about 4 metres each.

String 4 pieces of the yarn through the middle "toe" hole making sure that the middle of the yarn is in line with the hole.  There should be 4 pieces of yarn sticking out the top of the hole and 4 pieces sticking out the bottom.


 Step Two:
Take the 4 pieces of yarn sticking out the bottom of the flip flop and string two of them through each of the two holes near the back of the flip flip.

Then take the final piece of yarn and string it one end up from the bottom of one hole and the other end up from the bottom of the second hole.  You should now have 4 pieces of yarn poking through the "toe" hole and three pieces each poking through the bottom holes.  The bottom of the flip flop should look like the photo above.

Step Three:
Start knotting a chain of square knots using the four yarn pieces poking out of the top hole.  Use two pieces as the middle filler of the knots and the other two as the actual knotting pieces.

Start knotting a chain of square knots using the three yarn pieces poking out of the bottom holes. These knots will only have one piece as filler.


Step Four:
You can always knot these shoes right onto your foot to make sure the measurements are correct.  I haven't added any measurements because everyone's foot is different.  Keep measuring while you're doing the knotting to get the correct fit for you.

Once you get the top square knot a desired length, split the yarn pieces in half.  Begin square knotting a chain from both halves.  This time you won't have any filler pieces.

Step Five:

Once the back chain and the front chains meet, gather all the yarn strands together and start another chain of knots, this time there will be three filler pieces.  Do this on both sides until the chains reach the middle of you foot near your ankle.


Step Six:

Once both chains reach the middle of your foot, gather them all up into one batch. Begin a large square knot chain using all the yarn.  Do only a few of these knots.  Maybe 5 or 6 of them.


Step Seven:

Again divide the yarn strands into two.  Make sure that two of the longest strands are on each side.  Start making another chain of square knots making sure that the two longest strands are in the centre of the knot as filler.  You will have 3 filler cords, but only two of them have to be the longest ones.  Make a chain long enough to reach the back of your ankle (or until you run out of short strands).  Knot the strands off tightly.  Cut only the shortest strands down, leaving the two longest strands as your sandal ties.  You can use a bit of glue on these  cut off end knots if you like.

Step Eight:

Tie them on! You're done.

If course, every flip flop pair is a bit different, so this is just a rough guide as to how I made mine.  Experiment with other macrame knots that I've been teaching you or add big macrame beads onto your patterns.  I bet whatever you do, it'll be fabulous!

 As always, if you try out this tutorial I would to see your results!  Join and post your photos on the Tawny Bee Flickr Group or email me (link in my profile).

So awesome aren't they?

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