Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Iron Craft #9 - Think Inside the Box

For this latest Iron Craft challenge, we were tasked with:

Let’s do a box challenge.
Make something out of a box, pizza box, moving box, cigar box, match box… any box. And make it into anything. Or make a box of your own. (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


I thought a lot about all sorts of things I could make out of boxes, but the children wouldn't let me have any of their boxes and seemed personally offended that I would even consider that.

So I guess that left the make a box of my own part of the challenge.

But then that would mean the dreaded paper crafts.  I suck at paper crafts.


My first attempt.  I used plain white paper because I knew I was gonna screw up. A LOT. And didn't want to use my good stuff yet.

What you can't see in the photo above is that this box is about the size of a tiny ring box.  Not big enough to hold anything useful to me.

Next, I tried to make the box bigger and more rectangular.  Terrible photo for a terrible job at folding. :(

So maybe bigger and square might be the answer.  The box I folded above actually looks pretty good.  But what on earth was I gonna put in it?

Back to trying out a rectangular format. Yeah - construction paper does not work for origami AT ALL.

Ta da!  I figured it out.  Not bad eh?  I even started using my good paper.  But could I make a decent lid?


And look - my bracelets fit inside these lovely boxes.  Well, I might have to pack them with a little stuffing, or cut the cards differently. But still.  I think if I can get better at folding these little boxes, they might be a nice handmade touch to all my friendship bracelet packaging.

The second box turned out even better!

Isn't it adorable?  I just used sheets of scrapbook paper that I picked up at the dollar store 4 for a buck. :D

And my bracelets fit better!

PS: I used this wonderful tutorial to learn how to make the folds for a box with a lid.


If you want to check out the other Iron Crafters - and you totally do because they are going to be way more fantastic than this sad attempt at paper crafts, check out the Flickr Group.


kat said...

looks like practice makes perfect. can't believe the kids wouldn't let you have a box?!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

nice to see you aren't perfect at everything ;p

Jenny said...

I enjoyed seeing your learning process. I should take more pictures of all my craft fails.