Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Iron Craft #10 - In Stitches

The challenge this week:

"This week we’d like you to pick up needle and thread and create some stitches of your own." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Oooh some hand sewing.  I can do this!

First I had to decide what I was going to hand sew on.

Ta da!  I admit, I spent most of the challenge time cutting and piecing this pretty petunia quilt block and not much time actually hand stitching.

Oooops!  But I did sew on a button by hand.  I don't think that counts.

And I free handed some pretty stems onto my leaf sections.

That totally counts!

I even got the green to match to that it's a subtle but pretty touch.

Now my question to all of you readers?  What on earth should I make with this block? 

Should I make a few more and make a quilt?
Should I stitch it into a pillow?
Should I make a huge bag out of it?

Any suggestions?

The quilt block is large (18 by 18 inches)


Anyway, go on over to the Iron Craft Flickr group to check out all the wonderful stitching from the other participants.  I'm sure they spent more time on the actual stitching and less time goofing around with what they were gonna stitch on hehehe

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kat said...

I totally see this as a pillow