Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Purse

Well folks, the poor mini duffel is losing it's oomph.  And by that I mean, my poor little purse is fantabulous, but has survived an entire winter and is looking a little worse for wear.

Time for a spring purse!

I used this quick and simple DIY to make my own version of a spring purse.


I did as Katie did in her tutorial and bought a straw purse at the Thrift Store.

Logan said that it was a very boring purse.  I agree!

Then I took some dollar store flowers and some pretty purple gingham and went to work gluing and gluing some more.

Here's the back.  So pretty!

I pair this with my unnecessarily large hat that I got in the mail from Modcloth the other day.

I call it my unnecessarily large hat because of the show Happy Endings.  Have you been watching?  I love that show!  Anyway, on last night's episode Alex was wearing a large wide brimmed hat that she received from a wedding party gift bag and Max referred to it as her unnecessarily large hat.  hehehe.


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

love the hat!!

Kimberly said...

I love upcycling!! I think this is a great idea and it looks very much like it fits in spring.

I tried to get your email, but for some reason your profile won't let me get it.
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I know that my readers will love your sense of humour.
If you'd like to, I would post your secret confession on Saturday the 28th.
I really would be so happy if you could but if you can no worries whatsoever.
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Talk to you soon!!