Saturday, 21 April 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #26

I lead a very sheltered life.

Well at least when it comes to smoking...

And I don't mean that kind of smoking (even though it was 4/20 yesterday and you probably thought I was going there).

After all, I do live in Cannabi.... I mean Canada.

But no, I meant regular cigarette smoking.

I think my parents might have smoked before I was born.  And my dad started up again after they got divorced and the kids were all living with mom for awhile.  As soon as I moved back he quit.

No one in my family smokes.  No one in my immediate friend circle smokes.  None of my co-workers smoke (hah! cuz I'm a stay at home mommy - I have no co-workers! hehehe)

I'm sure that my husband runs into smokers all day long.  They probably sneak out of work to have a puff.  I'm sure he notices them at the bus stop every single day.


But for me - no one near me smokes.  Not a single parent would dare have a cigarette in their fingers while dropping their kids off in the school yard.

Yesterday, I took the kids for a walk to Canadian Tire.  Because of my sheltered life, I was actually surprised to see a smokey stain in the sidewalk about 20 feet from the store.

I know!  Sheltered indeed!

Like somewhere in my head, I had forgotten that people actually have this unhealthy habit.

Then Logan asked, "What is that mom?" as he pointed to a cigarette butt.

And then I realized something else.  My kids don't even know what a cigarette is.


Proud mama moment!

I explained that some people have an unhealthy addiction to smoking.

Then he asked, "What is smoking?"

So I answered him literally - "Some people like to suck on sticks that are on fire on one end to make smoke which they breathe in."

Logan thought about that a moment and said, "Gross."

Gross indeed.

Have you had to have a smoking talk with your kids?
How do you explain it to them?


I'm sharing my confession over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.  Join us?



Kimberly said...

Oh man..I was in the ER a few days ago waiting for a bed and there was this guy who kept coming in and out of the ER with a hospital gown on. He was going for a ciggarette smoke every hour.
I was all "If you're going to kill yourself slowly, then I might as well just go ahead and take your bed!"

Jennifer said...

I'm definitely going to have that talk with my son soon. When we're out now and he smells it, he says it stinks. Soon we'll have the chat. I smoked in college, but not enough to get addicted, thank God.