Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Iron Craft 8 - Love Your Mother... Earth

For this challenge we were tasked with:

We would like you to turn something you would normally give or throw away into something else. (courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

Now you all know that I sew.... A LOT

And this challenge fell right in the middle of my sewing machine breaking down.


So what was I to do?  I would have to craft something instead of sew something.


But I still couldn't let my craft not involve my sewing somehow.  The items I decided to use were those pesky empty thread spools.  I have A LOT of them.  I couldn't think of anything really special to make out of them.  They are not wooden or vintage or anything cool.


What did I make out of these items?

Some empty thread spools and some left over embroidery thread pieces that are too short for friendship bracelets?

Here is Logan cutting the thread into shorter pieces.

Here I am gluing the thread spools together (photo taken by Logan).

Here is a picture of all the crafting (photo taken by Lane).

Ta da!


We made a nice basket for the birds to gather pretty coloured string for their Spring nests!

The thread spools worked great because they had lots of holes after gluing them together to poke the string through.  Easier for the birds to get at.

We hung it from our apple tree in the backyard.

Then took pictures.  Then we made Terry climb up on a ladder and place it a it further into the tree because I had it perching on a small branch no where the birds would even go.

If you're in our neighbourhood and happen to see some nests with colourful thread sticking out of them, you know why!

To follow all of the Iron Crafters, please visit the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

It would be so fun to see colorful nests everywhere