Monday, 30 April 2012

The Aviation Museum

This weekend we decided to head to another wonderful Winnipeg museum.  There are so many and we're trying to get to each of them eventually.

The Aviation Museum is out at the airport of course!

I think the kids enjoyed it.  Although we call it the "switches and chairs" museum because the kids were only interested in flipping all the switches on the simulators and sitting in the chairs.

I enjoyed all the inventions that crazy people tried out and eventually turned into something fantastic.  I love crazy invention stories!

Like one of the first prototypes for the helicopter.  Look at that bicycle seat! Hilarious!

The kids loved the Children's Aviation display upstairs in the museum.  Tons of interactive stuff to try out.

Laney the pilot preparing for take off.

Lane experimenting with air lift.

We couldn't pull her away from this fun game.  You put plastic balls on the cones that are shooting air and watch them float in the air.  Fun!

Logan the head pilot.

He is such a handsome flyer!

These two make a great flying team.  They flew us to Timbuktu several times that afternoon.

And yes, Terry was there as well.  We forgot to bring the regular camera.  We had to take pictures with our phones.  Terry's iPhone has a better camera than my Blackberry so he was the cameraman for the afternoon.  Here's one sorta decent shot from my phone though.

Good times!  Do you like taking your family to a museum for an afternoon activity?  Which ones are your favourite?

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