Friday, 27 April 2012

An Afternoon in the Life of a Stay At Home Mommy

1:39 pm

Me: Well you kids obviously won't nap.  Go play then while I get some work done.

I should have known that I was doomed in the quest for naps when the show I was watching to bore the kids ended up having a character named Logan on it and a horsey.  Damn yous Touch!

1:50 pm I'm sewing a new set of cloth pads for my Etsy shop

Lane: Mom! I pooped.

Me: did you poop or pee?

Lane is in potty training mode, but she still doesn't know the difference between pee or poop.

Lane: I pooped.  Change me!

I get up from my work, get a diaper and proceed to change Lane. She trickled a tiny amount of pee into her diaper.  Pooped indeed!

 Back to sewing.

2:00 pm

Logan: Mom my fingers have a whole bunch of dust on them.  Can you get it off?

I realize that Logan has been into the Timbits and has coated his fingers in sugar and then went around touching every soft surface in the house.  Half of his precious binkie is stuck to his sticky fingers.

I take him to the bathroom and help him wash his hands with soap.

Back to sewing.

2:07 pm

The cat meanders her way down the stairs.

Maya the Cat: Meow!

(translation: I want some lovins right now and I'm going to jump up on your lap in the middle of you sewing a seam and then freak out because there is a needle madly flipping up and down mere inches from my face.)

2:08 pm

I go to the bathroom to wash off the bleeding scratch on my arm from a spazzy cat.

2:14 pm

Lane: Mom! I pooped!

Me: Did you poop or just pee?

Lane: I pooped! Change me!

I get another diaper and proceed to change yet another trickle of pee in her diaper.

 Me: Want to have potty time?

Lane: No, I'll have potty time tomorrow.

Fine. Back to sewing.

2:18 pm

Lane comes into the room pantsless and without a diaper on.

Lane: I want to have potty time mommy. Logan helped me take off my diaper.

Me: OK. Let's go.

Lane sits on the potty and I realize that I haven't had a pee since 8:00 this morning.  So I sit down as well.

Me: Let's make some tinkles together.

Lane: OK! I can tinkle!  (she then makes a series of pushing noises).  I peed!

I check and there is nothing there.

Lane: I made tinkles now!

I check and there is still nothing there.

Lane: I made tinkles now?

I check and still nothing.

Lane: Well I had a good try and I want a sticker.

I get her all dressed and washed and get her a sticker.

Back to sewing.

2:38 pm

Me: Logan I need my cutting table to put snaps on these pads.

Logan: Not now mom. I'm cutting!

Logan has his scissors in hand and is busy cutting tiny pieces of construction paper and using all of my precious scotch tape to stick them to another piece of paper.

Me: Then can you please move over so that I can do some work?

Logan: I'm making art mom.  I can't move now.

Who can argue with that?  I go over to the computer to write this blog post.

2:47 pm

Lane: Mom! I pooped!


Why oh why don't they just nap on Friday afternoons?

 At least they're cute!


PS: Those cloth pads I was sewing during this glimpse into my life are available here. ;)


Mandy said...

I know these days all to well...having one today as well.

anita said...

Ah, I remember those days. I laughed through your whole post. Yes, it does help when they are so cute. And Logan's line: "I'm making art, mom, I can't move" -- I love it.

PrairiePeasant said...

Oh, too funny! I remember those days so well, except the napping stopped at age 2 for both of them!

Unknown said...

Sounds familiar! Especially the pee part.