Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What I Wore Wednesday and a Weigh In

I gave up Diet Pepsi over a month ago and boy do I feel great!  I'm finally losing inches and my weight plateau has been broken!


Starting Weight: 174 lbs 09/12/11
Current Weight: 157 lbs 03/21/12
Target Weight: 150 lbs
Weight Change: 17 lbs
Remaining to Lose: 7 lbs
Avg. Lost Per Week: -0.6 lbs 
That's right - I lost 2 more lbs!

I found this polka dotted dress at the Thrift Store the other day.

I just had to fix the bottom a little where it was coming unstitched.

And since I refuse to be the one to ruin my best friend's wedding photos in August, I will be wearing a lot of strapless outfits this summer.  Don't want to be the girl with horrible tan lines in her strapless bridesmaid dress.

I wore it with pants today because it's very windy.  It's super sunny and beautiful outside though, so I'm not complaining.

And here is our best " Sears Catalog" pose.  Hehehe

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