Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Coat

I've been terrible at keeping up with Project Project Runway.  I'm supposed to have a project done today, but instead I've been catching up with the shop and making this spring coat.

So I'll show it off instead of a Barbie clothes project today.

Wow! I had to get out all of my tailoring books and use all of my brain to design and sew this coat!

I made the coat out of a vintage bed sheet that I picked up at the Thrift Store for $2.99.  The buttons cost a little more.  4 packages of large buttons at $1.80 each and one package of smaller ones for the epaulettes at the shoulders for $1.60.

Then thread came in at about $3.25.

The whopping total for this coat = $15.04 (oh so close to getting it in under $15.00 hehehe

Details about this coat.  It has front and back flaps, shoulder epaulettes, 8 buttons down the front, ties with a belt.  Pockets in the sides.

I would definitely change some things the next time I go insane and decide that I need to make a coat from scratch.  I would make the back flaps longer.  I would raise the pockets about half an inch (they are a bit low).  And of course I would get up the guts to line it.  I didn't think this project was actually going to turn out, so I didn't bother to waste fabric on lining.  But then it worked!  Surprise of all surprises!  So yeah... now I wish I had lined it in a pretty pink.

I'm pretty pleased with this coat though.  I will be wearing it a lot this spring!  Maybe I'll actually do my hair and wear a pretty dress underneath it (unlike these sad photos).

Do you have a favourite spring coat?


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

it's totally not too late to line it! just sew up a shell, flip it inside out and then hand stitch it in - same technique used to line knitted items... though a bit time consuming...