Saturday, 17 March 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #23

I am feeling pretty good about myself this week.

That is all.

Hmmmm.... OK... you probably want to know why.

Well - Spring has Sprung!

(We won our BBQ bet yesterday and feasted on BBQ jumbo hotdogs for dinner!)

I've been losing weight.

The shop is finally starting to take off - I'm earning my own money! :)

It's been almost a year since I got my new heart valve.

My family has turned into a bunch of ghosts!  Ahhhhhh....

Oh wait... maybe we're just all a bunch of heat seekers?

Or clones?

Or aliens?

Or higher intellectual beings of eternal light?

Shhh... don't tell anyone.

Hehehe.... yeah - even my odd sense of humor has reared it's jocular head this week.

Oooh Oooh sometimes I get a good feeling - a feeling I never never never had before...


I'm sharing my not so secret confession over at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something.



Kimberly said...

That is all the reasons why you should celebrate!
So glad that things are awesome in your world right now!!!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...