Saturday, 10 March 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #22

I thought I was OK with being known as the cloth pad lady - until my kid started calling me that.

I was beginning to wonder the other day about what Logan would answer if I asked him what his parents did for a living.

"Logan, what does daddy do at work?"

Logan: "He fixes computers in the blue building."

Hmmm ... the boy actually pays attention.

Then I asked: "Logan, what does mommy do for work?"

I thought he would answer that I take care of him and his sister.  Or I stay at home and don't work.  You know - some sort of stay at home mommy variant.

This is what he answered with, "You sew..."

Wow!  :D

I was so happy that he actually thinks of my sewing as work.  I mean, it is, but I assumed nobody really took it seriously around here besides myself.

But he didn't just answer that... He finished his little sentence with: "You sew pads."

Again, that is true and he has been paying attention.  I do sew cloth pads.  And they are the biggest seller in my shop.  But I sew other things too!

I don't really mind being known as the cloth pad lady.  Actually it's worked to my advantage and most of my new dresses have been funded by cloth pad money.  Women who are eco-minded think of me as one of them (and I am!) and women who don't like the whole mama cloth thing just think I'm an oddball hippy (and I am!).

Then I got to thinking that this question of what your parents do for a living comes up often at school.  Is Logan telling everyone that his mom sews pads for a living?  Weird.

I honestly don't know what to think about that.  He's obviously not embarrassed by it.  Neither am I or I wouldn't be selling them.  But he also has no idea other than watching me at my time of the month what exactly cloth pads are used for (seriously, when am I ever going to get to have bathroom time alone? When he's 10, 20... when?)   But do other kids have the same openness in their families?  Probably not.  And what are they thinking about a little boy who's proud that his mama sews pads?

Seriously, who can avoid it in our household with a work table that looks like this:

Fabric cuts, snap pliers, organic inserts, and a Slurpee of course!

Whatever.  So we're a bunch of hippies in this family.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

And he's only in kindergarten. No one even knows what the heck he is talking about anyway... right?


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Mommy Inconsistent said...

Hi...I'm visiting from Kimberly's linkup.

My nephew when asked where his mommy works, replied "In the kitchen"...funny, sad and true! haha! I haven't asked my kids yet; can't wait to hear their answer.

Love the pads and Hippies RULE! :)

Kimberly said...

I actually never kneew that about you. And no there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Plus kids think very they're probably thinking that you are sewing pads that you colour on :)