Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project Project Runway: O! Say, Can You Sew?

Follow my blog with BloglovinThis week we were challenged with this:

Design a dress inspired by the colors of the flag and culture of one of the following countries Chile, Greece, India, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea or the Seychelles. The judges are looking for a unique take, not a Miss Universe pageant costume (seriously, go look at those dresses!). Your budget is $20.

 (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I chose the flag of India

 Not because of the colours.  But because I thought of so much to do with an Indian flare.  Awesome yoga inspired pantsuits fluttered through my head.

Then I saw that the challenge was to design a dress.


I'm not a good dress designer.  I would much rather design separates.

But I had chosen the flag already, so I stuck with it.

Here's what I came up with:

I went with the green in the flag and made a long flowy dress.  I cinched it in at the middle, hopefully to symbolize the flower that is in the middle of the flag.  Then I put a long gold vest over top.  I used the white from the flag to edge the gold vest.  And the red-ish colour to embroider an Indian inspired design down both sides.

 I had thought about adding bell sleeves to the dress, but then I thought this look would look too much like a colourful priest or something.


I hope it turned out OK without looking too much like the flag itself.

And you know I love this gold.  It's from my Oscar party dress! :D

In case you were wondering - yes, this is a new model.

Lane fell in love with Sally's purple at the Thrift Store the other day.   She needed to bring her home. But unfortunately Sally was naked save those bangles that you see on her wrists.  She had painted on underwear though, so Lane kept calling her Sally the Swimming Barbie.  Her arms bend and move together like she's swimming as well.

Sally - welcome to the chaos that is the Design House of Tawny Bee!


If you want to see some more flag inspired looks, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

How clever doing the gather to look like the center of the flag!