Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Challenge #6 was the most fun I've ever had doing an Easter sort of craft.

"Create something using Peeps, that looks like a Peep or is somehow Peep themed." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

After scouring the city for Peeps.  Did you know that Corn Syrup is banned in Canada?  Peeps are like contraband up here.  Finally found a huge display of them at the Shoppers.  Phew!  I thought I would have to craft up the Peeps using felt or something.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:


Based on 1990s Metallica of course.

Featuring members:
James Peepfield
Peeps Ulrich
Jason Newpeeps
Kirk Hampeep


Their best album being:
Master Of Peepets

Here they are rocking one of our favourite songs "For Whom the Peeps Toll" on stage.

OMG! We had so much fun making Peeptallica.  I laughed at the silliness (and awesomeness) of it all so much.

Notice that even the Peeps box was recycled into this challenge.  It made an awesome base guitar.

Even Logan got in on the fun.  He made one guitarist Peep.  Terry jokes that this is Dave Mustaine (sans red hair).  Awww poor Dave got kicked out of Peeptallica and had to form his own band Peepadeth. Har har har.


Logan made a cool sparkly green guitar for his creation.

And Lane?


Lane decided to eat the Peeps I allotted for her to have for this challenge. And in natural Laney fashion she ate a bite out of each.  We call this creation our mosh pit.  It's what happens to brave Peeps who decide to go nuts at the Peeptallica concert.  Oh! The carnage!

Wasn't this Peeps challenge awesome?  I loved making this craft!

To see all of the other Peeps challenge entrants, check out the Flickr group.


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kat said...

I'm so glad to see people embrace the silliness of this challenge. This is really funny. You know I had dinner with Dave Mustaine once, I'd kick him out of my band too ;)

Kathryn said...

Hilarious! I am going to pin this on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this with us:)