Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A New Bathmat

Every Sunday Terry takes the kids swimming or to the park or wherever so that I get a little kid-free break.  I always work on a sewing project because sewing tends to relax me more than anything else in the world.

I made Lane's curtains one Sunday.  I made my spring coat Sunday two weeks ago.

This past Sunday I knew what had to be done.

I couldn't stand looking at it anymore.  And you already know that I can't stand our eyeball bathroom floor.  The old bath mat had to go.  But I definitely needed something to cover the floor because I ain't walking on no eyeball with bare feet!

Look at this poor thing.  ACK!  Gross.

 It looked so pristine when I first made it.  Gah... it's been a long hard life for this poor bathmat.

Bleach and hair dye droplets have turned you colours.  The edging has been pounded by little feet until it's coming unraveled.  No matter how much I wash you, you just don't get clean anymore. :(

So I took this old towel (notice the holes in it).  I cut it up and made it into this:

Team LT-s bathmat 2.0!

I cut around the holes and used the majority of the towel for the backing.  Then I tool the trees from the towel and added it to the middle.  I patchworked lots of our favourite fabrics into the mat top.  I edged it with more of our favourite scrap material and Voila! BATHMAT!

May this one have a long arduous, sopping wet existence in our home. :)

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