Monday, 12 March 2012

Macrame Monday: Sir Galahappy, the Chivalrous Squid

I know, I know, technically spool knitting is not macrame.  But if you remember, I've decided to lump all knotting techniques under the Macrame Monday category.  Ummm... cuz I'm lazy and Spool Knitting Monday doesn't have the same ring to it.

Let me introduce Sir Galahappy - the Chivalrous Squid.

A little bit about his background if you will...

He grew up in the sea. At a young age he knew that he was special and destined for great things. He apprenticed with an old, wise squid named Sir Squid-lot. He learned a good many things including a love of math and the arts, and of course impeccable manners,

He set off on a great quest to find the Sea Grail when he was a young lad. He traveled from the Pacific Ocean, down around Antarctica and through the Atlantic. Many years of searching and poor Sir Galahappy became frustrated and sad. Oh no! This couldn't do for such a sunshiney personality. He realized that his destiny might not be wrapped up in a quest for the Sea Grail, but rather in the quest for a great home. He wants to make children and adults happy. That is his life's purpose.

With a super huge felt smile and big exciting felt eyes, I bet his quest will soon be realized.

- Sir Galahappy is a spool knitted creature made of yarn. He has a soft stuffed base inside of him. I stuffed him with fabric soft fabric scraps instead of polyester stuffing because Sir Galahappy cares about the earth and wants to reuse and recycle as much as possible.
- Sir Galahappy is a small squid. He measures 5 .5 inches tall and 4 inches across his body. His tentacles are looped and measure 3 inches when stretched out into full loop.
- His face is made in his natural happy expression with hand sewn felt.
- Although Sir Galahappy comes from the sea, he does not like getting wet. He has left the ocean behind him and is looking forward to new, exciting adventures on land.
- Sir Galahappy loves children, but is not recommended for children under the age of three

Sir Galahappy can be purchased at Tawny Bee
On Etsy
On Zibbet


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