Friday, 16 March 2012

The BBQ Bet

On Sunday, we were checking out the weather forecast for the upcoming week.  The weather witches said that it was supposed be be super nice out.

So nice in fact that it would be BBQ weather.

I bet Terry that if it was above 15C on any day, that the kids and I would walk over to the grocery and buy hot dogs and buns and we would have our first BBQ of the year.

Terry said that there was no way that it was going to get that warm.


I have until Sunday for it to be above 15C.  And the forecast says it's going to be 21C today.

*fingers crossed*

I can smell the sweet sweet BBQ sauce now.


And because we don't have any pictures to go along with this post, I will stick a few unrelated ones on the bottom.

Logan has been feeling left out of our modelling sessions with the tripod in the living room.  He's always at school when we do them.  So we did a quick "What I Wore" today.

Tawny is wearing:
An old shirt - not sure where I got it. It's at least 10 years old.
American Eagle jeans - thrifted for $8 before I lost a bunch of weight. Held up by a belt.
Friendship bracelets - hand-tied by me!
Scarf- a secret Santa gift from a Winnipeg Etsy Street Team member

Yeah... I'm the height of fashion...

But I thought you might like to see what I wear on a regular day when I'm not posing for this blog with something cool and actually fashionable.

Logan is wearing:
An old Green Day t-shirt of Terry's that I downsized for him.
Blue jogging pants (the most popular choice among Kindergartners)

Lane is wearing:
A hand me down blouse from a girl that was in Logan's pre-school class.
Purple jogging pants.

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