Saturday, 11 February 2012

Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday #19

It was -34C outside yesterday.

Last year at this time when it was -34C in the morning, I just called the school and let them know that Logan wouldn't be going to pre-school that day.

My limbs and joints would not gather up enough circulation to move, let alone bundle two kids up in their winter gear and drag them on the sled the two blocks to the school.

This year, I have a new heart valve.  And my circulation is just fine in -34C. I have no excuse.

But I had to summon all of my strength from the depths of my soul not to phone the school yesterday and say that Logan wasn't coming to school.

I'm a wimp!

The only thing that kept me going yesterday morning when I heard that forecast was the thought of having two kids cooped up with me all morning ... fighting with each other.

Because that's what they do anytime Logan has a day off of school.

Gah! They need that break from each other for 5 mornings a week.  Or they'd seriously kill each other. Or I would kill them.  Or they would kill me... and the cat.  It's like rumble in the jungle up in here when they have to spend the entire day together in close quarters.

So I bundled the kids up A Christmas Story style and pushed the stroller through the ice with Laney falling half out of it and Logan holding onto the side for dear life so that he wouldn't slip while walking the block and a half to school.

From A Christmas Story Movie
(and if you read Kim's confession or have ever tried to, you will know that bundling up two kids in winter gear is no easy task!)

I realize that we've gotten off really easy this winter.  It hasn't been cold barely at all.  The ups and downs have caused all my joints to buckle in pain, but it's not as bad as last year without a heart valve.  I should be grateful...

Yet, I'm still going to beg.  Please mother nature, warm up!

Because I'm a wimp.  And the boy needs to go to school, for my sanity (and Laney's as well).


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

so happy to see you doing so much better this year! though -34C is cold no matter what your health!!

MaryGail loves macrame said...

that poor kid is stuffed looks like he hardly move lol but yes better safe keep him warm than freezing outside .