Thursday, 9 February 2012

Project Project Runway: The Clothes Off Your Back Results

This week's challenge was awesome!

I love upcycling challenges so much :D

Here's what we were directed to do:

Find a muse to inspire a fashion forward look, you have to convince them to give you the clothes off their back to make a new look. Half of the look must come from your muse’s clothing, the rest can come from the fabric store.

Ok, we’ll give you a couple of choices for PPR…
  1. You can use someone else or yourself as your muse and use a piece of human sized clothing to make your look. This is the easier option because you’ll have a lot of fabric.
  2. Or…you can be inspired by a piece of doll clothing (either from the store or one that you have already made) and use that to make your look. This is the slightly trickier option because you’ll be reworking clothes that are the same size as your doll, but it is the option that is most like the challenge on the show.
 (Courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

If you've been following along with me so far you know exactly what had to be done!

Ken - your pimp shirt needs to go!

And since Ken ended up being my muse, I had to create something equally as flashy.

A cute shorts set.  With spats! :D

I chose this boot from the accessory wall to go with the spats.  Very cool I think.

I really like the way this blouse turned out.  It's flashy but not pimp-ish like Ken's original version.  And this outfit is made entirely from my muse's clothes.  Right off his back! 

And check out the back of this outfit.  I'm especially proud of the back. I like the over one shoulder attachment.  I actually let the shirt do whatever it would and ended up with this - but still... I can say that I designed it...  when the judges ask if it was an accident. ;)

The shorts were the easiest to make because I used the sleeve of Ken's shirt to make one leg.  Then detached the second sleeve and some of the fabric from the other side and sewed them together.  Good thing Ken has some massive guns that fit perfectly as Aurora's leg holes hehehe.

Overall, I think I embraced the spirit of the challenge and will get passed through this week.

"Hey baby... you look good in my shirt."

As always you can follow along with everyone else who is designing for this challenge in the Flickr group.

What do you think?  Too flashy?  Much better than the original?  Or did I miss the mark completely and go into the realm of tacky?


kat said...

The back is great!

Kathryn said...

It did look like a pimp shirt on Ken, but the transformation is amazing and very stylish.