Monday, 27 February 2012

The Oscars Pre-Show Fashion Massacre

*** If you want to see who I chose as best and worst dressed on the red carpet, just skip right to the bottom of this post. *****

As some of you have seen on my Facebook Fanpage (I have one of those you know - go there and check it out), I was invited to an Oscars Pre-Show party.  Last year, we all ended up tweeting our fashion comments and reading our friend's comments - alone because our men weren't interested in watching pretty dresses.  This year we decided it would be more fun to share our insights in person.

And we decided to have an evening of being fancy as well.  We had some incredible champagne (thanks Mel for picking out such a yummy one!) and tons of delicious treats.  Dammit! I forgot to take a photo of the treats.

Anyway, I spent all of Saturday afternoon remaking a thrift store dress into a pretty party frock.

Our theme was "Prairie Glam" so you may notice my nice winter tights underneath my dress.  And of course I wore my furry boots and huge winter parka over top of the dress to finish it off in grand style.

I styled my hair into the beeviest beehive ever.

It only took me 10 minutes to do.  Here's an awesome tutorial if you want to style your own.  It was so easy that I think I'm gonna just wear a beehive around on a regular day.  Fancy hair makes me feel happy. :)

And wouldn't you know it - I received the "Best Dressed" award at our Oscars Pre-Show Fashion Massacre party!

Here I am accepting my award:

Notice my friend Selena working as "lint person" on the red carpet, trying to duck out of the camera shot hehehe.  My acceptance speech ran a little long - so when I started to thank Jesus I got the music starting.  Oh well.  I do tend to ramble.

Selena received the award for Most Sarcastic comments.  She hit it out of the park last night and had a lovely baseball guy on top of her award to show it:

Doesn't she look beautiful in blue?  The prairie glam jeggings make this the must have ensemble for any Manitoba Oscar party.

And we can't forget our hostess.  Melanie - thank you so much for hosting this party.  I had a blast!  We definitely need to make this an annual thing.

Gorgeous in purple.  The prairie glam sweater will be seen on Manitoba starlets during this winter season for sure!

And Max the Cat!

He's a little blurry because he was busy moving around and planning a way to sneak a little munch on the tulle bottom of my dress.  He was very friendly to me all evening. He just wanted a chew, maybe just a little nibble.  Hehehehe.  What can I say?  The cat has taste.

I left Mel's house looking a little more festive than it was before I arrived.

The glitter on my gold dress came off on everything!  There was glitter in the car, on my coat, all over my sewing area, on my face, on Selena's face, on the cats, and of course on the couch where I was sitting.  Mel assures me that my unintentional glitter rain is awesome and will update to where the glitter has migrated throughout the week.  Poor Josh - he's gonna have glitter bum for awhile.  Oooops!


And now for my best and worst dressed on the actual red carpet:

I really just wanted to pick everyone for worst dressed because everyone was so boring and safe.  Gah.

I was going to choose the hideous white shroud that Shailene Woodley was wearing:

She's so young and pretty.  Why would she wear something so old lady-ish?

But then Selena posted this number on her Facebook page this morning:

Aww.  Poor Sherri Shepard.  No one told her that her bra was showing.  She wearing almost the same dress (in a different colour) as Melissa McCarthy:

 Only somehow it went very wrong on Sherri and very right on Melissa.

All red carpet photos courtesy of


Da da da da!  And now for Best Dressed at the Oscars:

Photo Courtesy of

Miss Piggy!

Come on - she was wearing a gold dress and had her hair styled in a beehive!

I swear I didn't coordinate my wardrobe with her ahead of time!  (although I did meet her when I was designing for her for Project Project Runway hehehe)

Actually I was sick and skipped the Project Project Runway where I had to design for her.  Apparently I would have killed that design.  I know Miss Piggy's style aesthetic really well apparently.

Well... Okay... so Miss Piggy pulls this look off way better than I do.  But I've got an awesome Angelina Jolie pose goin on. :)

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed?

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